So we are depending on bumpkins who eat at Applebees to save us. We're fucked.


Applebees microwaves frozen food and brings it to you. If you can't do that on your own at home, you really are too stupid to live.


@1: Would be better than being run by Seattle city council members who pig out at overpriced sushi and vegan restaurants.


Yeah, Inslee's a real authoritarian (eyeroll) Do you even know what that means, Biker dear?

Turn off whatever drivel you are listening to all day, and step away from the internet, because you're not intellectually capable of handling it.


@7 - Sounds good. Except when you realize the hospitals are beyond capacity in a given location, or have been, or will be.

We can't make the virus go away, but we can do things to help absorb its impact - while we have nurses and doctors left.


Obviously this is a Red State plan, since we in the counties that pay the bills - King, Pierce, and Snohomish, are later. Like a month later.

I say we rise up in revolt and take back the Red Counties and make them lock down in place.


All Hail King Inslee! He's gone mad with his lust for making people stay home!

Except, we don't actually have to stay home and can go anywhere we choose.


FFS Americans have no fucking idea what life under authoritarian rule is like. Everyone in this country is whiny baby. Wah I can't get my hair cut. Wah I can't go to Applebees. Wah these elected officials are mean and power hungry and responsible for how miserable my life is right now trying to save my pathetic whiny stupid ass in the middle of a worlwide pandemic. Wah Wah Wah.


I think this is slightly misleading. Seattle is on pace to Phase 2 around first week of June. The application process referred to in this article is for moving into Phase 2 early. Otherwise, there are other factors that go into the scheduling. Might be wrong, but that was my understanding.


Latest numbers: the world is approaching 5 million cases and the U.S. is approaching 1.6 million cases. What is wrong with that picture?

Every state has new cases and 44 states have new deaths and this is just in the last 24 hours! 20,289 new cases. 1,552 new deaths. 24 hours.


@7 & @8
I suggest getting on the Seattle light rail or Metro bus, and lick away at the poles and railings.
You'll build up herd immunity faster! What have you got to lose?


I never knew I'd be among those doing the right thing by just staying home.
It's weird--I have friends in the San Juans who would love to have me and my beloved to come visit, and restaurants there that want our business but....I live in Whatcom County, which I did not see on the Phase 2 list. So the all-clear statewide as of this article on Phase 2 is....June 1st?

@11: Did you just swallow some Clorox? I'm surprised your avatar isn't an image of a MAGA cap..Governor Jay Inslee is out to keep Washingtonians healthy and safe. That is why these precautions are in order. If you actually believe Trumpty Dumpty's smoke and mirrors, it won't be long before you drop like a fly. And Donald Jackass Trump will be laughing its filthy, evil, corrupt ass off over your dead boy among its minions.

@14 xina: I know, right?


@11 - To your point about isolating nursing homes...


@19 not until July will they let Americans back into Canada.


Biker dear, did you mother drink while carrying you? Did you have a sibling who kept poking the soft spot on the top of your skull when you were an infant? Did you make it to high school? Or are you just playing stupid?

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