Seattle's Fight for "Internet for All" Is Reignited, Sorta



And THIS is why you want a set of elected representatives with diverse political ideologies and priorities: somebody might independently come up with a good idea. What makes sense for business and the economy can make sense for the little guy too - they’re inextricably connected.


It will be interesting to see if the city can pull this off for less than the price of evil Comcast's Internet Essentials, which provides broadband internet to low income families for $10 a month.


Anything that hurts Comcast's Internet monopoly is a good thing.


Some WFH tips:
Before you go blaming Comcast for your shitty connection, take a minute to configure your router or maybe even upgrade your router.
I bet 75% of the wireless routers in your area are all running on the same channel.
I just upgraded to a new ax6000 and nearly tripled my throughput and now am pushing 330Mbps down, up from about 115; I could stream UHD video and do like 10 zoom meetings at once lol.
Also, if you are still holding onto an older computer there's a good chance your networking card is bottlenecking your speeds.


It will be more expensive, less reliable, and the City will lose franchise fees. So of course I totally expect municipal broadband to move full steam ahead. (And how long until the City Council bans websites that cut against the political dogma? How long until they have access to your browsing history?)


@6 " How long until they have access to your browsing history?"

You mean like the laws the Republicans in the senate just passed?

Senate Votes to Allow FBI to Monitor Browsing History Without a Warrant

HAHAHA. Yeah you REALLY care about privacy.


They just spent a Billion Plus in the past 10 years on the homeless and we ended up with more homeless. That money is gone...oh well. So many other things a Billion Plus could have been spent on. Boggles the mind.


Bezos earns a BillionPlus before lunchtime.
Whilst eating our Lunch(es).

His fullfillingment center workers?
Not quite so Much.


@7: Bernie Sanders doesn't. He didn't show up to join a bi-partisan effort to block it. Commies don't care about privacy, as they want shared misery for everyone.


@9 maybe if you built one of the most popular internet marketplaces in the world, you could be a billionaire too and be free to do with your earnings as you please. Give it all to Kshama, even!
But no, you have nothing better to do than spend your entire day on the stranger bitching about people who you think have it better than you.
Have you ever worked in a fulfillment center? It is far from the worst job I ever had and the pay was good for the amount of skill involved and it allowed me to finish schooling while working. Now, I have a skillset that allows me to WFH. No more standing in warehouses all day, not that there is anything wrong with that it just wasn't for me.


@9, Your talking about His money, money that's not yours to spend. I'm talking about our money, Taxes.


@10: BINGO! Take a bow.

Read it and weep, Kristy.


to @11


Our place out at Coulee has a blazing fast connection provided by the PUD. Of course this being Washington State, you can't just call the PUD and have them hook you up, you have to go with a third party provider. But still, it's only fifty bucks a month.


It’s rad that we get to pretend like we’ve done everything we can to help the homeless situation. Can’t be fixed folks we’ve given doing nothing a shot so it’s time to give up.


@11 Don’t forget to mention that Bezos built Amazon all by himself with absolutely no help from the private sector. I haven’t actually checked but I assume that’s the case done all rich people are self made with absolutely no help from the public sector.


It's wild that people will go to bat to defend a guy who is worth enough money to live a 1000 lifetimes and never want for anything, mostly earned off the backs of workers who can't take sick leave or bathroom breaks -- workers, i should add, who are way, way closer to all of us in terms of material wealth than we are to Bezos. He can afford to pay his workers better and still live like a king. Why do people get so mad when someone points this out? The point is not to punish him -- he still gets to be richer than any of us will ever be -- but to restore some semblance of balance to our economy and solidify the middle class.


Inequity and Bezos aside, Amazon has created opportunities for a lot more than its employees. But pouting about rich people is fun I guess.


One person’s “pouting about rich people” is another’s “our ancestors fought for workers’ rights and now we’re pissing them away in deference to people who don’t need our help”. The post-ww2 middle class had a great run but so many of those who benefitted from it now believe people with no formal training or education don’t deserve the right to work 40 hours and be able to feed their families. It’s sad.


@19 yep, my first salaried job was from two former Amazon employees who took their lessons learned at Amazon and their profit shares and started their own business.
Pretty sure that one douche up in Shoreline, Chris Rufo, got his billions off Amazon too. But I don't hear any calls for him to be giving up his dough. And he routinely schemes with the mayor and SCC on regressive taxes. When Murray was still around, Rufo was pushing him for yet another property tax hike (which would have raised rents).


"Gigabit internet, otherwise known as internet that's 50 times faster than what us peasants in Seattle have"

lol, what?


@20: Yes, that is sad. Also sad is Charles Mudede and others calling for a shorter work week.


Shout out our gigabit alternatives! See if they're available in your building, and if they are not, find out why!

Atlas Networks, local independent ISP growing rapidly.

Webpass, a no bullshit fees gigabit service now owned by Google.


Government provided internet... yeah sounds great. They've done such a great job with homelessness, crime, roads, and schools I'm sure this would be great too.


Biker dear, I know that you ingested a lot of those delicious lead paint chips in your youth, while your mother drank her way through her daily six pack, but yet again we have a situation where you are commenting on things that you don't understand. May I suggest that you turn off your AM radio and give up on the internet? It's obvious that you lack the intellectual capacity to navigate it.


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