Will Museum of Museums Ever Fully Open? Maybe by October, Says Director



It would be swell if The Stranger could delve into this story a bit further. I would really like to know a few things: who are the bureaucrats that have been hellbent on sabotaging this project, what is their rationale, why can't our council member take a break from her revolution and do something about this? It seems entirely inexcusable for the city to be sabotaging a rare new visual art project because of what appears to be completely pointless red tape bullshit. Do they have a good reason?


@1 -- Seconded.
Who exactly is the eyes-tight-shut City Hall employee responsible for this bit of bureaucratic fuckery? I want to hear them try to explain this. And why can't our elected representatives do some representing about it?


Too bad Kshama is too busy saving The Showbox and sticking needles in her Jeff voodoo doll to save that one thing we all love: MoM.


@1 -- Third-ed.


Bwahhahhhaahhhaaa!!!! You get the bureaucracy you vote for. Go government!


"refused to recognize art as alternative medicine,"- bwahhahhhahhaha!!!! How did I miss that little gem?