The War on Drugs in Washington Is Over, If You Want It



oh give me a break, its already pretty much "anything goes" in Seattle aside from extreme violence. next big idea - providing free drug because the poor, poor addicts can't afford them and are forced, forced i say, to become scumbag thieves as well as junkies.


Seems like its worth a shot - what we're doing now doesn't work.

Public policy isn't about eliminating problems, its about choosing which problems you want to live with.


Treatment always sounds like the best solution...however, in this state the treatment programs are a joke.

Poorly done, short duration and poorly administrated. The current state mandated program for heroin is 2 weeks.

Do you really think you'll get a heroin addict clean in two weeks?

Then after the "great program" they release them to the streets. Its' like a "catch and release" program for drug addicts.


What people don't understand is that the war on drug is about systemic racism and financial incentive. Local law enforcement has been given financial incentives to enforce this "war" and to punish as many people as possible, especially non-white people (because let's face it, more white people do drugs, it's basic math of the population, but more black and other non-white populations are in prison on drug charges).

Decriminalization will never happen until this country dismantles and destroys systemic racism and stops pouring money into the hands of those it wants to keep that system in place.

The idea of decriminalizing drugs comes at a time when opioid addiction and deaths are now devastating the lives of white people. This is no coincidence. And ultimately this country will choose to keep the war in place to punish black people and maintain systemic racism, despite any loss of white life (which will ultimately be spun to make it about class, because the country does not care about poor white people either, but poor white people don't want to believe that because being better than black people is all they have).

There are literally tomes written on the matter.


@4, I don't know about that, in this city especially - a cursory look tells me nearly all the strung out junkie thieves are skinny white dudes.


The War on Drugs might not be that successful but the Love on Drugs is worse.

The unspeakable, horrendous and increasing crimes happening in Mexico alone, just so a local junkie can get their daily fix, is enough reason to continue the War on Drugs.


Yep, treatment sucks and AA/NA works 50% of the time and it’s the best we got. Too bad the GOP stance for social problems is “You can’t throw money at it” which is strange because their solution to every other problem is “throw money at it”. Maybe if Halliburton opened a 3 month inpatient treatment program the GOP would change its mind.


Ah, the Golden Bird of Ku Y'leh! Thank you, my friend. Busy yourself while I experiment with the ashes within it.


Dan Satterberg already legalized drugs in Seattle and King County. That's why we have sprawling junkie encampments from Pioneer Square to S. Dearborn, along Market and Ballard Ave, on NW 15th, etc.

I'd be okay with this de facto legalization if we combined it with a DNR for all opioid overdoses. Don't even bother sending paramedics. If you're dumb enough to inject poison into your veins we probably want you out of the gene pool ASAP.

I sure hope during this pandemic we haven't been wasting any medical resources reviving junkies so they can OD again, and again, and again.


@9 As a firefighter/paramedic maybe I should stop trying to resuscitate people who go into cardiac arrest from poor diets their whole lives, or who go into respiratory arrest because they smoke. Or, I hate Republicans, maybe I should let someone's house burn down if there is a Trump sign in their yard. Do you really want first responders inserting their ideologies into their work?



How many times have you treated the same junkie with Narcan?

And I wasn't suggesting you insert your ideology into your work?

Do you respect DNRs? Society needs a blanket DNR on opioid overdoses.


@11 I would rather save someone in the throes of addiction 100 times than someone who doesnt have empathy for or understand addiction one time.



So a Seattle firefighter/paramedic?
How many times this week have you taken a call to 607 3rd Ave.? Do you know the junkies by name? Do they know yours? When was the last time someone spit on you and assaulted you for ruining their high/saving their life with Narcan?


@6 The 'crimes being committed in Mexico' are a direct consequence of the war on drugs.


@6. Yeah breh you don't seem to connect the dots to overprescribed opioids from Chinese, Afghan, and Mexican poppy for the Sackler dime leading to drug seekers on the streets from the massive demand, arms sales for the NRA from the suppliers, and the PCMs regulating their shipments and profiteering. The War on Drugs is merely one to corner the market, the White House and Congress and billionaire class all whitewashed Tony Montana's sans honesty. Blind af


@17 Good grief where do I even begin......

Talk about being part of the problem. But your simplistic thought processes wouldn't be up to any explanation of the scope, scale, and magnitude of what has been done to black people, so why should I even bother. People such as you actually cause me embarrassment to be a white American, your thinking is so thoroughly obtuse and disingenuous beyond comprehension.


Paranoid and delusional alcohol users love to wage war on drug users. I say lets legalize drugs and starve a terrorist, cripple the cartels, eliminate the gangs and the street corner vendors, save lives, futures and save nations. Why do we insist that criminals worldwide make an easy $500 Billion dollars a year? Seems past ludicrous to me. What is the benefit of drug war, what makes it moral, worth continuing forever and ever?