Slog AM: 2.4 Million Apply For Unemployment, Aunt Becky Will Plead Guilty, Trump Pulls Out of Arms Control Treaty



Ivanka Trump as a Lana Del Rey Song


Republicans want more Americans to die, predominately African Americans, because they think it will help Trump get re-elected. That's also why they're firing the scientists who are counting the dead.


"Flags won't be flown at half-staff when we hit 100,000 deaths. That's a great number, tremendous number! Instead, we'll be building NEW poles that extend TWICE as high as these poles and flyING our flags at a celebratory DOUBLE STAFF!!! KAG, KAG, KAG!!!"


"Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer wrote a letter to President Trump requesting flags be flown at half mast once the U.S. hits 100,000 deaths from coronavirus:"

Only on ships?


What did Donald Trump call 100,000 dead Americans? A Badge of Honor?


@2 People on the right like you who insist on continuing to make comparisons to other diseases when discussing C19 are flailing. Instead of saying, "yeah, that's pretty grim, maybe we should acknowledge that," you take it as some kind of political affront. Bizarre.


By @2's logic, anything that kills less people than heart disease is totally fine. It's the same bullshit line of argument that the right trots out every time one of their fuckups and/or backwards belief systems results in unnecessary death. "So what if 15,000 people got killed in gun violence last year? I mean, 40,000 people died in car accidents. Are you going to outlaw driving now??"


7, You would think having to recalibrate the benchmark for Totally Acceptable Number Of Deaths on a weekly basis would be some kind of clue but the point is not to find perspective or an appropriate level of concern for the single most significant event in our lifetime but to be kind of annoying to people online. In less than 3 months we went from “12000 people died from the swine flu lol!” to “ok covid, 100,000 people die from heart disease, get over yourself” like this isn’t a rolling self-own.


Unemployment benefits are socialist. Giving $27 million to a guy that own a private jet company is freedom because he is a job creator and risked money so we need to make sure there is no risk.


8, it will be something else next week. He’s already been workshopping “3 million people die in the us every year” but I guess he is scaling back to heart disease now, gotta save the bug guns until after he runs out of diseases with 6-figure death tolls.


You guys managed to mention Amazon in a story without adding a snarky comment; you're growing up!
@2 10/10 bait m8
@4 lol
@6-9 8theb8


@3, ... and Democrats want them to die from lack of livelihood. Both the lack of livelihood they might secure for themselves, and the lack of sufficient livelihood of others to permit taxing it to transfer some of their livelihood to the unemployed. The most severe shutdowns, to slow virus spread, have proven to be unsustainable in every culture on the planet.

The question is not to open or close the economy, to practice social distancing or not, but what degree to to balance the harms of virus transmission against the harms to humans caused by lowering incomes and wealth, to optimize the countervailing harms of each.

An answer can be found on PBS at

So where is the bill to do that testing from the Democratic U.S. House? The Republican U.S. Senate? The Dumphouse? The call for this level of testing from the Governor's association? A single state's effort to achieve that level of testing in their own state and the public health order to require everyone to submit to it? There isn't proposed legislation to do that from any quarter in the U.S.


@3 " ... and Democrats want them to die from lack of livelihood. "

Why would anybody want that? You're not making any sense. It's like claiming school shootings are fake. It doesn't even hold water.


@8, Do you eat seafood? The harvesting of seafood kills more workers per capita than any US occupation. The processing of it has one of the highest injury rates per capita of any occupation in the US. It is not necessary. The deaths are unnecessary deaths. We can replace the protein from sources that don't have near the death rate among the workforce delivering that protein to us.

The point is we have decided that we are willing to pay the price in dead bodies for the pleasure we derive from eating seafood. We make that decision in all arenas. This one will be no different. We will be force to it.


"These new numbers bring the total number
of people unemployed [Freeloaders!]
since mid-March to 38.6 million."

And how many (as-yet-untold) millions of previously-gainfully-employed Active members of the 'underground' economy are now un-employed? Does anyone ever bother to count them in our quest for Meaningful numbers, Jasmyne ?

"Too bad for those folks Democraps [sick] haven't
figured out how to exploit their misery for political gain.."

If Dems were 1/10th as 'good'
as Reptilicans at Exploiting Misery
for Political Gain we'd have been fully
Fascist decades ago instead of limping in
ever so slowly. Althiough, Hair Furor and his
loyal psychopants -- y'all knows who ya'alls are --
has certainly quickened up the pace to neckbreaking.


“During 2000-2015, an annual average of 42 [commercial fishing] deaths occurred”

over 90,000 americans have died from covid in under 3 months and, y’know, commercial fishing deaths — while tragic! — are not fucking contagious


@14 -- Bingo


"But Mitch McConnell wants your ass off of government cheese ASAP"
Welfare is for the Wealthy. Go pound sand you poor pheasants.


14, 18 - It's wingnut; you just make stuff up as you go to make your position sound persuasive.


@17, Correct. But as a percentage of people employed in the seafood harvest, its the deadliest per capita of any industry. Consuming seafood is unnecessary, but its OK to kill people at such high rates as long as they are isolated away from the rest of us.

Death from hospital infections is over 200,000 people per year, but that's OK.

You can and do accept unnecessary death all the time, because the cost of eliminating those deaths is one you are unwilling to pay personally or societaly. We make those trade-offs all the time. COVID will be no different.


It's not like you were going to post "Hey everybody! Lana Del Rey has a new book of poetry out!" in the morning news if she DIDN'T announce it on Twitter while also mentioning some artists you actually care about.


22 fatality rate for fishermen: 117 / 100,000

fatality rate for covid: ~1 / 100 and it’s contagious

(also hospital acquired infections kill 100,000 / year and that’s not ok at all, we actually work v v hard to reduce those numbers but people in hospitals are by definition vulnerable and whatever their reason for being in the hospital they are also by definition more likely to survive than if they were not being hospitalized for their health problem but whatever, this is just another whatabout to minimize the pandemic and it’s a really shitty one at that)

Why do you think this helps whatever point you think you’re making?


@22 As i posted earlier, people trying to downplay or minimize C19 or rationalize the shitty reaction to it in the US by comparing it to something else are flailing at this point. If you think C19 = the seafood industry, that's not deep thinking. It's more Dr. Phil thinking. And that's not really thinking at all.


@3, All Republicans, some Democrats, and their puppet masters, The Elites, want as much of the poor and the senior citizen demographic to die as possible so as to make it easier to reduce the safety net and give them more tax breaks since those groups are most in need of the social spending.

@2, There are no jobs for them to take. That's why they are unemployed.
@20, There's not much industry to spur the unemployed to.


[contagious virus goes from 0 deaths to top-10 mortality rate in 3 months]

you, a very serious person: it’s not even top 5 yet, anyway who cares people die

you’re not even good at this


People do die. All of the people in this country that have died of COVID-19 did NOT have to die. All of their deaths were 100% preventable. But keep beating that dead fucking horse, troll.

Who gives a shit if flags are flown at half staff? We have catastrophic loss of life and economic devastation happening while the GOP in Congress refuse to do what it will actually take to help the over three hundred million people in this country and the country as a whole from being totally and completely destroyed.

More people are going to die of COVID-19 and every single death could have been prevented. That is the salient point. ALL OF THIS MISERY, ALL OF THIS DEATH, ALL OF THIS ECONOMIC HARM NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF DONALD TRUMP WERE NOT THE PRESIDENT.

Suck on it.
That's the truth.
It does not matter how many people die of other causes.
(oh and PS this country does not care about any of those deaths either).


@27, "Causes of death in the US: (per year)
Heart disease 650,000
Cancer. 600,000
Accidental injuries. 175,000
Chronic lower respiratory disease. 160,000
Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases. 150,000
Alzheimer's disease. 125,000
Diabetes. 85,000
Influenza and pneumonia. 60,000 (2017)
Kidney disease. 50,000
Suicide. 50,000

Only one of those things is communicable, and covid-19 is at least twice as bad. You keep making up shitty excuses that don't hold any water.

Take some personal responsibility for once in your life.


Seems like all of the people arguing that requiring people to stay in and businesses to close don't understand that C19 is dynamic -- it's still being spread, there are still people dying, and the measures being taken are attempting to save lives. Without these measures I think everyone can agree the death toll would be much higher. Reducing the measures prematurely will also increase the death toll. Acting earlier would have greatly reduced the death toll. Comparisons to static causes of death for which you can't take measures to prevent (average in a year who die from Alzheimer's, for example) are nonsense.


@31, a scientific study released this morning shows that due to Trump's incompetence, about 36,000 Americans died needlessly. For comparison, that makes Trump about twelve Osama bin Ladens.


U S pulling out of arms treaty in 6 months?
But that's just after the election!
How will Trump have time to start a war, and get those pesky blue states nuked before November? Covid-19 isn't killing those inner-city voters fast enough!


@31 We're going to find out aren't we? States that are opening are seeing spikes in cases and deaths. It's just going to get worse the more places open up and loosen restrictions.

Today, where I live, a tourist town on the coast of Oregon, going against reopening guidelines by the state of Oregon (issued by the governor), the decision was made to open hotels and short term vacation rentals next Tuesday. The mayor and the city council have chosen to sacrifice lives for what they believe is saving the economy. People will come (they already started coming on Monday, when the beach re-opened). The question is how many will come, how many will get sick, and how many will die.

NO restaurant here has the capability to properly do social distancing (they are all too small). So, where are all of the people who they expect to come and stay in the hotels and vacation rentals (maximum 50% occupancy if they follow the rules) going to eat? There is one grocery store here. Travel north or south in the county (where all of the current COVID-19 cases are in the county) to buy groceries and more people are put at risk. There are 25 hospital beds in my town and 25 in the hospital in the north country. 40,000 people live in this county.

Bring in even a fraction of the usual hundreds of thousands of tourists and it's going to be a petri dish. All of these assholes who are demanding the reopening to save their businesses are in for a hard reality check, because when people get sick (and they make your employees sick) and if one person or more than one person dies because they were infected at your business, you business is done. And if you re-open and people use their brains and don't come (I don't believe this will be the case given the number of people already coming here), what happens to your business then?

And all of the people who live here year round, who shop at the one grocery store and rely on the one hospital with 25 beds for health care emergencies, what of them? Guess we're all just sacrificial lambs for the masses.

There's next to no testing available here. There is ONE drive thru testing site in the north county (where most of the cases are) and you can only get tested if you are seriously ill and they're able to check off all of the symptoms of COVID-19 they feel are the most relevant).

It's going to be a shit show. And I just have to hope that my mother does not get it (she is the one that has to do the grocery shopping) because it is almost a 100% certainty that she (given her age and genetic heart disease) and I (progressive, degenerative neuromuscular disease) would both die if we get it. Of course, some people here and many people nationwide believe that's fine, right? My mother and I, our lives are irrelevant and our deaths would just be necessary collateral damage, NBD. In fact, we should just fuck off and die right now, shouldn't we?


Love how the last 7 lines in @16 form a staircase of babble.


@37 LOL I'm wrong? That's all you got? I'm crazy? That's your rebuttal? You're the one spewing an endless stream of bullshit. Facts matter. And all of the destruction wrought that you lament is the fault of Trump and his refusal to contain COVID-19 when he could. You can blame everyone else (just like he does), he and his enablers alone are to blame. And opening everything up WILL result in more illness, more death, and continued economic devastation. No matter what you say or how you say it, your nonsense does not counteract factual reality. Blah blah blah is all anyone sees when you write your trolling bullshit. Don't you get that?


This thing where trumpsters are trying to thread a needle through “this terrible economy is a man made disaster that is destroying lives!” and “everyone dies, get over it pussies!” is really fascinating to watch. “Livelihood is important but life is meaningless” is a hell of a take for anyone & not something even a skilled propagandist could pull off, let alone people who position themselves as “pro-life” when it’s otherwise convenient for them. Bless their hearts for trying tho




@amylnutrate -- coming from
a true trumpfy psychophant
that's a Compliment.

is trumpfy's


Death rates vary dramatically by country based largely on how their government chose to respond to the threat, so yes, you can in fact blame the guy who wasted >2 months of lead time to prepare because he was worried doing so would upset the stock market.

If nothing else the same standard by which you guys blamed obama & hillary for 4 people dying at benghazi should apply here. The president owns each and every theoretically preventable death on their watch. Just following your lead here.


Flags are flown half staff for mourning. Considering we only have 100k in deaths but were expecting millions I'd say flying half staff now doesn't make much since. It would be a giant middle finger to all front line workers who did so well to mitigate the risks.


Ariana? As in Ariana Grande?

I think it should be noted that she is also white and not a POC.


@27 - Don't you mean it doesn't make the top 5 "yet?" It's only been killing people less than 3 months. Your stats for other causes are for a full year. Let's see where it falls come Feb. 28, 2021.


For those keeping track, here is how the goalposts have moved since early March:
1. "No worse than the common cold."
2. "No worse than the flu."
3. "Not as bad as car accidents."
5. "Not as bad as heart disease."
6. "Not as bad as cancer."

Looking forward to June, when we will hear:
7. "Not as bad as Hiroshima and Nagasaki put together."
and that old favorite:
8. "Not as bad as the Bubonic Plague."


45 "only 100K deaths" is a cute observation from the guy who was on the "it's not as bad as the flu" train until it was no longer possible to maintain that delusion but if you wait around long enough we'll get that 7-figure death toll you find worthy of mourning because this is just getting started


@49 You're thankful that it wasn't nearly as bad as they thought it was though, right? I mean, we should be celebrating the fact that the models were wrong.


@51 Like the model presented by the White House that said there would be zero deaths as of last week (but oh wait there have been 5000 deaths since then)! Which models are you referring to? I mean, Trump's declaration that it would all magically disappear by the end of April turned out to be pure fantasy, so you need to be a lot clearer on what models you are using to say we should be thankful. Right now we haven't even seen the worst of it. The lock downs were meant to give us time to put a very specific plan in place. Trump, instead, chose to lie and deny and there is no plan. There will be no celebrating.


There is no debate, if we had followed WHO guidelines in February we could have reopened already without risking another de facto fuckdown. I won't waste my breath on you slimebrains after the disseration of good science posted ad infinitum during those months. Keep moving the goalposts to fucked and more fucked you stupid fucks. See you in hell motherfuckers.


51, The models predicting 1-2M deaths by year’s end assumed we did nothing to mitigate, but beyond that we’re not exactly beating the models. In fact the IHME model Trump was touting back in march predicted 60K deaths by august and 0 deaths/day by may. Womp womp.

I am glad we did something but it’s hard to overstate how much better off we would be right now if we had taken advantage of the lead time we had in January and February, and how badly our leadership continues to fail us.


@36, If everything is morally relative, then living and dying have no meaning. If one value (or moral) is as good as another, then none is better than any other. Life is not better than death and death is not better than life, we must just do what post-modern multiculturalism demands of each of us. All that is left is to affirm and validate the one who believes life is better than death, as well as the one who believes death is better than life.

If you believe that the preservation of life is the highest value here, putting aside the debate as to whether COVID or economic devastation will kill more in the long-run, then you are embracing the existence of moral absolutes (or at least one anyway). Since something can't come from nothing, what is the source of that moral absolute?


Turns out a huge amount of those 145,000 claims in Washington were fraud out of Nigeria to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Oops!


@33 @34 The Columbia University study stated that 36,000 US deaths could have been prevented if the measures were taken a week earlier. It also said, however, that up to 2/3 of US deaths could have been prevented if the measures were taken 2 weeks earlier. That's a hell of a lot more lost due to Trump's incompetence.


@55 Moral absolutism, moral objectivism, and moral relativism are not the same things.

Living and dying have meaning within moral relativism. There is a difference between what you state (neither having meaning) and the actual meaning of moral relativism (that no standpoint is uniquely privileged over all others). And no this is not an argument about semantics.

You want to casually toss aside the debate as to whether COVID or economic devastation will kill more in the long-run and yet that cannot be done (not even in the name of playing your game of insisting that "nothing can't come from nothing, so what's the source of that moral absolute" >>> nice word salad you got going there).

Believing that life is more important than money is not a moral absolute (certainly not in this country), though it is my opinion. The economy is not an abstract entity, separate and apart from people and human lives. Whatever choices are made there will be loss of life and economic devastation. There can be no economic recovery without all of the human lives that create the economy through the labor they do and the money they spend.

The salient point is that the economic devastation is going to happen either way. A significant portion of the population understands that and wants a smaller number of dead people. Others just don't give a fuck how many people die because they care more about money. They will be enraged when the economy does not come roaring back and they won't care how many additional people died for it.


@Blip -- I am glad we did something but it’s hard to overstate how much better off we would be right now if we had taken advantage of the lead time we had in January and February, and how badly our leadership continues to fail us."


Gov't didn't Shut Down
the Economy.