It's true, he was wearing his mask off camera. I got a photo here:


(damn link. it was a photo of darth vader,)


Vader was wicked smart. Trump is more like Dark Helmet...


I know Amazon is hated with a passion at the Stranger and amongst much of the vocal readership, but does the Stranger intentionally keep confusing things like revenue (sales) and earnings (profit)?

Typos happen, and I get that most of the "articles" are just quick blog posts without review, and that's fine, I enjoy them for what they are. However, these "mixups" happen enough that it sometimes seems like it's intentional.

It's just that it's a bad "look" that lends fire to those who dismiss liberal-minded journalism as the equivalent of Fox News on the left.

So Stranger staff, if it's just a typo, try to keep an eye on that in the future. And if it's intentional, please knock it off.


The Unemployment Fraud is mostly caused by the unconstitutional posting of private data of citizens on state websites, actually. Stop doing that.

Yes, there will be class action lawsuits to the State Supreme Court.

The coffee/bookstore merger is a good thing. I was describing how to restart businesses post-COVID on Washington Post, and one of my suggestions was having retail offer coffee discounts and coffee stores offer retail discounts (both involving branded masks that look cool), as a synergy that works. Same goes for chocolate.

This is an excellent time to start a business. Rents should drop (negotiate hard), labor costs are minimal, and the main thing is to have the usual 2-3 years of cash flow saved up ahead of time, so liquidate that $100,000 from your retirement plan and go for it. Provided you know accounting, unit cost control, where your expenses actually will be, and can adjust for the new traffic flow. You can buy product cheap right now and find skilled people willing to do new things.


That's an accounting trick @5.


Very curious to see what the case is against Bryan Jr in the Arbery murder. Seems like they must know something that hasn't been publicly released yet.


@7 Will, are you being serious? (sorry, just hard to tell on the internet)


@9: Totally serious. Will, in his myopic little bubble, considers revenue and profit as equally evil and rejects any distinctions.


@1 Matt, that's a good one - gave me a chuckle.


@7: In light of your rather pro business comment in @6 Will, I realize my snide was excessive in @10.


Henry Ford: yes, crackpot anti-Semite, brutal anti-labor, asshole control freak, etc. Also: anti-war activist, anti-monopolist, pro-equal wages and hiring for African Americans, pro-workplace safety years ahead of his time. He'd work you like a dog according to a heartlessly calculated algorithm same as companies do today; but unlike today, on payday you could still feed and house your family. If Trump's resume had come across his desk " failed real estate huckster turned game show host," it would have gone straight into one of the plant wastebaskets that were emptied every two hours (per previously mentioned workplace safety)


Thanks for the Florida update.
I'm 3,076 miles away from Orlando.
And I'm happy to keep it that way!


It’s rad that in this county you get get loaded up with guns and go murder unarmed citizens and it’s cool if you just say you felt threatened or some shit.

Yeah but it’s just politics. Get tha fuck outta here, have a word with yourself if you dont think they belong in prison.


So everyone is cool if they go down to skyway and 3 teens jump out of the bushes with guns and shoot you if you don’t immediately put your hands in the air and obey all commands? That’s some don’t tread on me shit right there.

When is it not ok to point a gun at an unarmed jogger? When it’s 5 guys with shotguns? I’m just not getting when it’s ok to get your homies together and point guns at strangers.


I hear a lot about how you have the right to take your gun in when you retake the food handlers test but nobody says you have the right to not be ambushed by 3 guys with guns. The only thing I remember from the hunter safety course I took as a child was a guy from the power company yells at you for an hour to not shoot the power lines. But what if I feel threatened or the power lines are acting suspicious? Is that what they teach now?


Hey Chas, did your Grandma know Jim Osterberg in Yspsi?



There's no amount of time you could invest in any endeavor anywhere that'd prevent you from always sounding so stupid.


We see right through your bullshit, big girl.


@17- careful, you'll be labeled a nazi.


24 - Switch the races of those involved and nothing else, and see if you still have the same opinion. I know you'll say you do, but I'm as sure as I can be that would be a lie.


Hitler? LOL seriously? Trump was commenting on the Ford family as being composed of successful entrepreneurs. Personality traits are heritable. This is science.

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