What Your Gym, Dog Groomer, and Golf Course Have to Do Before They Can Re-Open



You're a witty guy Matt but you're trying a little too hard.
Just relax and let the funny come.


"Trainers can't take any new clients over the age of 65"

What in the bloody hell is our police nanny state doing? If social distancing is practiced, there should be no reason for such a cockamamie rule..


Spoken like a golfer


Golf courses are already open.


"I'll just be over here waiting to find out when I can re-open my coughing-themed restaurant where the gimmick is that the chef personally clears his throat over every plate."

An oyster bar?
I believe it's already been done.


"we should have been using this time to tear them up and replace them with something useful"- like what? Another place for the homeless to shit, fight and throw their dirty needles?


Speaking of Saving trumpf's ample
ass from Jail/Prison/Fugitivity &
the Economy::

"A hairstylist in Missouri worked while sick, potentially
infecting dozens of clients and seven co-workers.
The Food and Drug Administration barred the sale
of 30 antibody tests because manufacturers failed
to prove their accuracy. Here’s the latest."


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