Washington's COVID-19 Death Count Isn't Exactly Accurate




50,000 people die every day
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It's sad when Public figures lie to the public.

Of course they know they've been telling us non-truths. But they are pressured by the Governor and AG to say something, even if it is fake. They both have an agenda nothing will stop it, not the facts most of all.

They all know they can say "We are working really hard, and we don't have the staff, and we need more money..." and the media will just sort of look the other way.


Well, no surprise. NONE of the CoVid-19 death numbers are truly accurate. Someone calculated that about 200 people A DAY were dying at home in NYC, and remained uncounted in official numbers -- that was based on the startling ~increase~ above baseline of 911/Paramedic calls to homes which found someone DOA.
You think China's numbers are accurate? Or Iran's? Iran was claiming "12 deaths" nationwide when an official in Qom stated there were already ~50~ deaths in that city alone. And that was in February.

But then, who expects perfect information in such a wild & fast-moving situation? -- Esp. with limited testing capability? And repressive governments like China, Iran, Brazil's, or our own? It's not surprising in the least.

@1 -- Well, no, mortality is not that high. Because the number of "Reported Cases" is not accurate either and is probably very low, largely because many people have mild symptoms & never get tested, and many others are asymptomatic and don't even know they have it

(...and will NEVER know, because we STILL don't have effectively coordinated, centrally-managed widespread testing, as the current "administration" (if you can call it that) abdicated their responsibility for following that part of their own pandemic-response plan, choosing to use the drama as an opportunity for graft & simpleton power-games. )

Someone calculated the actual number of infected is between 5x-10x of the Reported Cases... based on a lot of post-facto data from Wuhan.

The mortality is not 1-in-8, don't fret.

That does mean that today there are probably 25-50 million people infected worldwide, of which 7.5-10 million are infected in the USA.


It's pretty easy, take the in and out migration flows and project the last 2-3 years of death rates. The amount larger than the expected range are COVID deaths.


Talk about burying the lede and needlessly muddying the waters!

In that spirit, here's a needlessly muddy summary:

Rather than clearly state that, because some people died from symptoms that look like they were related to COVID-19 but remained untested before they died, there could be more deaths caused by the virus than currently officially reported, and rather than give, at the top of the article, specific numbers within the range of possiblitly (are we talking tens or thousands?), this article instead fans the flames of doubt and gives toxic fuel to those who benefit — personally or politically — from casting doubt on responsible government, public health officials and the journalists who report on them.

It is not until the penultimate paragraph that the lede emerges. A quick cut-and-paste could have corrected this.


@2- you first.