Is the Much-Hyped Parallel Universe a Cultural or Scientific Phenomenon?



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You pose an either/or question which I decline to answer. I believe in one universe. It is well too vast and mysterious for any one or several humans (scientists or not) to understand categorically. Like you, I like 'wonder'. But, when I look at the heavens day or night, I view a sublime beauty. I don't think of other "universes". I think of one. What I do 'wonder' about now is an end to COVID-19 so I can wander again. And wonder.

Have a grand Memorial Day weekend Charles. Let's remember "the fallen" in times of war (combat) and war (victims of COVID-19).

We shall be victorious in the latter. Stay safe and healthy,


We will always have the longing for a universe that's not as foolish and strife-ridden as ours.
Which pretty much explains the origins of different religions.


Well, first off Charles you begin with a flawed premise, since what Ibrahim Safa and his ANITA team discovered was NOT in fact a "parallel universe", but rather evidence of high-energy neutrinos that appeared to be emanating from the earth's surface, but with no discernible source; a phenomenon that in the current Standard Model would be considered impossible. ONE possible explanation that has been posited is that the neutrinos represent evidence of "CPT symmetry", which postulates that when the Big Bang occurred roughly 13.8 billion years ago two universes were created: the one we live in where physics and time operate in a certain way, and another where they operate essentially in-reverse. This is, however, just speculation not necessarily born out by the results of the ANITA study, and already physicists are looking for other potential alternative explanations that might better fit the data.

In short: it's an intriguing, if currently not understood finding, but it's way to soon to even suggest it is "proof" of anything.


“I want to ask you, dead reader, which do you really think is more likely?” So layered in with multiple universes we’re also all ghosts? Intentional keystroke or typo?


@5 I just assumed he's asking our 2050 selves that question now. A little presumptuous on his part regarding our lifespans. Could have been instead presumptuous about our ages and gone the other way, speaking to our 2050 selves from the universe travelling the other direction through time: "I want to ask you, not yet born reader".

(sorry, sometimes reading Mudede puts me in a certain almost incomprehensible mindset)


Humans have struggled with explaining "the impossible" for millennium. Sometimes it's due to a speck on the measuring device that needs to be brushed away... Let's let latest impossible finding stew and percolate for a bit before we jump and never come down.


@7 "Millenniums or Millennia" actually - my parallel self corrected me as he/she/it sped past...


"motion and rest are the same" I needed that.


As with most cool-sounding things on the frontiers of theoretical physics, the answer to whether parallel universes exist is most likely "yes, but only in a way that's interesting to theoretical physicists and not at all resembling the sci-fi tropes or the various philosophical/spiritual/whatever implications read into them by people without the requisite physics background the actually understand them."


There is no such thing as time, it's always the present. What we are witnessing is nothing more than the constant decay of matter.


Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper Slashes the Number of Alternate Universes


I never got past the picture or the caption, because you took me here to Tom Waits, not sure why but thanks Charles :)

"What the hell is he building in there?
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Ok now that I am no longer singing Tom Waits. I read it and I agree with a lot of what you said. I am not a scientist but I have read a lot of books on Physics and Quantum Theory. I am very partial to Michio Kaku. If time moves only forward and we agree it does. Multi verses are the only thing that makes sense. I can not base any logic on the premise that moments in time are preserved on the spectrum some how and can be revisited or how two universes could possibly mirror one another. It makes no sense. Space travel at hyper speeds makes sense forward only. Nothing goes backward in time or preserves the moment for that matter. Its a constant state of change in all universes. So how could two be at all the same let alone mirror one another. But again, only a novice reader not a physicist.


Does Time fare better in
a Black Hole than does Light?

If Einstien says so
I'll take that as a