Sea-Tac's New Travel Rules Are Going to Make Air Travel Even Weirder



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Also, once volumes get back near prior levels people are going to have to begin queuing up for the TSA lines at the Tukwilla and Angle Lake LINK stations in order to maintain 6-foot distancing.


Fuck that. I'm not getting anywhere near a plane till there's a vaccine. And I used to fly at least once or twice a year.


Flying already sucked before this situation. After I became disabled, flying became nothing short of physical (and emotional) torture. I had vowed to never fly again after my last cross country flying experience (November 2015). This situation simply cements that. Never again, no matter what.

After 9/11 I had to fly in April 2002 (NYC to LA) and the flight was nearly empty and the flight attendants behaved like crazed power hungry bullies. I imagine flying during and after a worldwide pandemic has made the situation at least 1000X worse. Add to that any asshole you might have to sit next to? No fucking way.

If the world is smart, flying will become something done infrequently or not at all for a long, long time.

After I became disabled, flying became nothing short of physical (and emotional) torture.


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I was still flying a couple times until late April. I was flying internationally in March! And. It’s pretty weird. Almost surreal. The airports are ghost towns. And no cafe’s open. The Sky Lounge is open but is almost empty because some of the furniture is gone, showers closed off. I flew to LA three weeks ago and there were only about sixteen people on the flight.

I‘ve always sat in first row businesses class and board last so people don’t walk buy me for half an hour. Now that’s the sweet spot everyone wants. It was pretty weird to just walk on and almost immediately take off. It’s very much like flying right after 9/11. Everyone is just “well, we’re gonna die, I guess.”

Wearing a mask isn’t that big a deal since I’ve been flying to Asia a few times per year and you see that all the time. Seeing people NOT wear a mask is oddly alarming. Though now it’s mandatory on most airlines. But seeing how cleaned everything is now puts how things used to be in stark relief.

I will be flying if I want to or not starting in August. So. We’ll see.


It's been so nice not hearing a constant stream of jet noise 24 hours a day. I wish that would never go back to "normal."


I fly about a dozen times a month. Been grounded since March. The new TSA line is something I’m not looking forward to. SEA in general is a bit of a shitshow. Constant construction and things not working. The lower traffic will be an improvement. Maybe it will give them time to fix the airport.


Flew in the past week (via Alaska). Wasn't too bad. Except that they turned a non-stop flight into one with a layover so they could pick up more people. And no pop during the flight. Having the middle seats empty was great (although obviously not good for revenue).

TSA didn't seem fully prepared for the increase in traffic. Pre-check and non-pre-check were filed into the same xray line at my departing airport. The ID checker then had to verbally tell the TSA workers further down which people didn't have to remove their shoes, etc. They were getting confused.


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Maybe things like this will finally lead to the development of high speed rail systems in this country.