Washington State Lost "Hundreds of Millions" to Nigerian Scammers? Are My Ears Deceiving Me?



Yeah F these people. So now the choice is turn off unemployment benefits early or make up the difference by cutting funding from schools and critical services across the state. Under already crippled budget revenues. (Yeah someone will say “we need to tap taxes from Bezos billions even more now,” but we all know that’s going nowhere.) But yay, way to dream big Nigerian fraudsters? Was that the point of this article?


Cut this country off from the Internet entirely. All packets from Nigeria go to the bit bucket.


Yeah, it's depressing that our Washington state made the top of the victims list.
And we were worried about internet trolls for Putin based in St Petersburg!


How is that even possible? "tens of thousands of people" -> "hundreds of millions of dollars" suggests tens of thousands of dollars per stolen identity. Just going by the number of zeros.

Does unemployment pay out that much?


@4, No. Tax Nigeria, that's where our money is. Lockdown Nigerian offshore bank accounts. They owe Us.

The money you want to squeeze out of Bezos is not in his bank account, it's in stock. He would have to sell the stock to get cash. Why not Tax the people who have that kind of cash? I mean that's the people you think have too much, right....


Charles, correct me if I'm wrong, your article implies Zimbabwe is still just a 3rd World Country and would never try to or be capable of internet atrocities.


@4, yeah just like Seattle - oh wait that income tax was struck down by the WA Supreme Court. Also like the head tax - oh nevermind. Read my first comment again. Not happening.


Jesus Horatio Christ, this is depressing. How did Washington State make #1 on the Nigerian hit list for fraud? I have a friend who works for the State Employment Office who must be ripping his hair out by this devastating news.

Hoo boy, this reminds me of the all-too-familiar online scam email I once saw, reported as spam, and wisely deleted without even opening, starting with:
"Hello. I am a deposed Nigerian prince living in exile....."


Nigerian scamsters manage to fleece State of Washington for hundreds of millions?

No surprise. This is what you get after essentially single-party rule for 35 years.

This is what you get when you elect people who think it's more important to hire and promote people based on how 'woke' or 'intersectional' they are rather than for quaint things like education, experience, skills, and track record.

But it's all good! They may be jaw-droppingly incompetent, but by golly, they DO know which pronoun to use.

The Dems only saving grace here is in knowing that as bad as they are, the state GOP is even worse. They're incapable of fielding any candidate who isn't (a) a Bible-thumping whackjob, (b) an ammosexual with a tiny penis, (c) a science-denying, 'no-government', mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, rock-eating luddite, or (d) all of the above.

But I suppose it could be worse; Kshama Sawant and the Seattle City Council could be running the WESD. Then the Nigerians wouldn't have to bother to even create phony accounts; Sawant & Co would be FedExing the dough to them in Gucci suitcases!


@11 - you have to admit that there are not a lot of job opportunities for deposed Nigerian princes, so they are probably entitle to unemployment benefits.


We'd be lucky if it's only incompetence. Who's helping them from the inside?


This is all because, contrary to our State Constitution, Washington State publishes full personal information ON THE WEB for anyone to steal.

Stop doing that.

P.S.: Yes, there will be class action lawsuits


This is another biased attempt at making innocent Nigerians look bad. There are criminals in every parts of the world - I’ve lived in Ghana and been to Zimbabwe and it’s a lie that these countries are better than Nigeria in terms of crime. There is something called “sakawa” in Ghana and people don’t talk about it. Most of my friends are Nigerians and they are the most hardworking and disciplined set of people I have ever met. The country has over 200million people and judging such a vast country based on the actions of less than 1,000 people is the height of stupidity.

People keep fueling unfounded stereotypes about Nigeria when the facts suggest otherwise. For instance, the so called Nigerian-Prince was not started by Nigerians. If you even check the data released by the FBI, you will realize Nigerians constitute less than 6% of Nigerian-Prince scams. Countries like Russia, China, India and even USA have 10times more scammers/hackers than Nigeria but people will only talk about Nigeria.

I’m a Kenyan and I studied History. In Yoruba culture, contentment, respect and honesty are the bedrocks of Yoruba society. The fact that less than 1% of Nigeria’s total population engage in notorious cybercrime does not mean Zimbabwean society has more values. After all, we know what Mugagbe and his family did.


@20: One would think that a simple method that returns true if the bank is in state and otherwise false, would provide that red flag.


Washington state = low hanging fruit.


@12, @13, @14, @15, and @21: Meanwhile, you're among the idiots all willingly electing a total incompetent xenophobe who only cares about protecting its own self interests.Just STFU, already, MAGA trash, all of you.


I always figured that most of the "Nigerians" were in fact unemployed incels living in their mom's basement.