A married couple in an open relationship used to enjoy glory holes at play parties. Then along came some COVID-19. But did that stop them? Hell no! They grabbed the kids' old sheets and made a home glory hole. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about, America!

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A man's mother died when he was 13, and his father quickly remarried. He found a letter revealing that his father and step-mother had been having an affair before his mother died. Now what? His dad is sick and old. Should he confront him about it?

On the Magnum version of the show, Dan interviews BDSM educator BlakSyn about kink and race play. How can you use words with a history of trauma, in a transformative, consensual way? Is it ever OK to use the word "slave?" What about the N-word?

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And, a 60-year-old man whispers about how he came 7 times the other night. He just wants you to know this.

A snippet: