If this isnt me in quarantine!
Feeling very seen by this mural. Jasmyne Keimig
This is one of my favorite quarantine murals in the Pike/Pine corridor. Painted by Seattle artist Cady Bogart, the medium-sized mural covers the windows of the east side of the Comet Tavern's storefront. It's almost as if Bogart snuck inside my house and painted me eating my Quarantine Snack of choice, Hot Cheetos, and watching 90 Day Fiancé (to be clear, she did NOT). This isn't Bogart's first mural; she most recently painted a huge brightly colored one on the side of the Sheraton in Belltown last summer. Though the one on the Comet is a much smaller scale, it's similarly playful with the unexpected contrast of pastel colors and soft, fleshy forms. Check out more of Bogart's work here.
Quaran-tasty is a great drag name.
"Quaran-tasty" is a great drag name. JK