Councilmember Lewis Just Tried to Subpoena Another Government Entity



If there was a city supreme court to rule that the city's executive isn't subject to the city legislature's subpoenas, we'd have a fractal situation going.


Lewis is on the Board of Health, so he is one of the “Councilmembers” for the Health Department, which makes the Department’s (initial) response baffling. I know the Health Department doesn’t want to wade into something that will devolve into a political debate, but when one of your board members asks a question, you better answer it.


But mah hOmELeSs iNdUStrIaL cOmPleX


I've never seen any evidence or supporting data to suggest that removing public safely health hazards exacerbates COVID-19.


"To simply brush us off as not being a priority is not going to be something that is acceptable," González concluded, "certainly not during a pandemic and not during any other period of time."

Well, of course not, 'cuz it's all about Lorena (and Teresa, and Kshama, and Tammy...). Lorena can't imagine that a Council proposal is so harebrained that Public Health officials decline to comment on it. Unfortunately, many of the rest of us can.


"Welcome to my world, Andrew."- the world of inconsequential "journalists"?