Obama's Economic Advisor Is Wrong: There Is No Chance the Economy Will Rebound at Warp Speed





Even by very liberal estimates, >95% of the population is still susceptible to the virus. This is a health issue so I'm not sure why an economist is anyone we should be listening to when 100K have already died and we're barely getting warmed up. It's likely to get even worse in the fall when people start spending more time indoors again.

If any of the treatments currently in clinical trials show promise and we have a realistic timeline for these therapies to get to the market things could turn around quickly but this is unlikely to happen in the next few months. People are responding to the conditions on the ground and that is the primary source of our economic problems right now, not the lockdown. Fix the public health crisis and the economy will follow, anyone expecting snap solutions doesn't understand what the problem is.


Because the economy is just something to be opened like a jar of pickles. /s

I mean that one salon that opened and infected 140 people, that's what opening everything back up is going to look like. One person who is sick will infect hundreds of others (or more). And each infected person will infect x amount of other people. And we'll be back at millions more sick another 100,000 (or more) dead. And then everything will need to be shut down again.

There is no economy without a defense against the spread of the virus. Full stop. People who want everything reopened should simply say what they really mean. They want everything to go back to the way it was before (which it won't) and they do not care how many more people get sick or die.

The belief that everything can just resume - all of the businesses that have been closed can be opened and they will be filled with people; all of the offices and schools can be opened and resume business as usual; all of the money being spent by people will return to level being spent; etc. - all of this is sheer fantasy.

There will either be the damage done or there will be much more damage. This country is hell bent on more damage. The GOP contingent in congress is refusing to provide any additional help to people. Landlords are preparing to evict an untold number of people who have been unable to pay their rent (to what end, will people be rushing to rent their newly emptied properties)? Medical professionals who are already traumatized and burnt out (and still need PPE the federal government refuses to provide) will be pushed over the edge in every possible way with all of the newly sick and/or dying people.

Every single person that is angry, frustrated, scared, or (insert emotion here) about the situation we are in has one person and one person only to blame: Trump. Trump chose this path for this country. Trump refused and refuses to do his job. The GOP refused and refuses to hold him accountable or do anything to stem or counteract the damage he has done, is doing, and will continue to do.

Trump and his GOP enablers have to go. The virus needs to be able to be stopped and eradicated. Unless and until those two things happen, nothing that is done to "open the economy" will be of any use to anyone in this country.


First: We in Cascadia and those in Atlantica need to test people at the borders and quarantine them.

Second: The rest of the mushy middle and the South will open too early and we are looking at 250,000 dead by the time Trump is kicked out.


Gonna be awful Sad 'round these parts
with all trumpfy's minions and enablers
trolls and psycophants and apologizers
gone from the face of the Earth for ever

but at least they'll have their Darwin Awards
and Medals of Freedom to comfort ... whom?


Why is the stock market booming along? Is it because it’s pretend money?


40 million and counting lose their jobs

“How could the economy be bad if the stock market is booming?”

You people never learn



They're betting on months on end of essentially free money to prop up their equities- while at the same time, creating a disincentives on savings and safe havens.