I dont know why the need circles when they have those big red signs saying PARK [very small] temporarily [/very small] CLOSED [very small] after 8pm [/very small]
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BTW, those "UFOs" were birds, which I'm sure the DOD knows perfectly well, it was a message to Russia, China, North Korea etc. that we can track fucking birds from miles away while traveling the better part of a thousand miles an hour. Sure birds don't fly all that fast but the plane does, depending on ones frame of reference and gullibility one can "see" all sorts of things. Freaking out the public was just a bonus. (Less is more, freedom is slavery, Trump's tweets are true....)


I wish they’d get back to mowing the parks. Some
of them look pretty shabby.


Don't worry, it's just the aliens notifying us with circle code that we're all about to be destroyed to make room for a saner apex species.


I was excited to check it out. It is a total disaster. The circles are too large and too far apart. Homeless people and drug addicts have taken over the unmaintained areas and trashed it. Having a vibrant public square to get some fresh air and meet up with friends in a safer outdoor environment is more important than ever. Why is Seattle such a dystopian nightmare? Answer: City Council



Why is Seattle such a dystopian nightmare? Answer: because whiny, self-entitled dumb fucks won't stay inside or maintain proper physical distancing in the midst of a global pandemic.

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