South Minneapolis engulfed in flames after protests surrounding George Floyds murder grow violent.
South Minneapolis engulfed in flames after protests surrounding George Floyds murder grow violent. Stephen Maturen/Getty
2.1 million more Americans filed for unemployment last week: Bringing the total number of unemployment claims to over 40 million since mid-March, reports Politico. The number of continuing claims, however, declined 3.86 million from last week suggesting that businesses in reopening states are rehiring furloughed employees. For our part, Washington state saw just over 53,000 new claims, an almost 62% decrease from the week previous.

Boeing continues 737 MAX production: after suspending it in January. KING 5 calls this restarted Renton production line a "bright spot," coming just after Boeing announced a layoff of nearly 10,000 jobs in Washington on Wednesday.

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Despite delays stemming from, you know, the global pandemic, PCC is opening their 23rd and Union location in mid-June: reports CHS.

It's going to be warm today: We might get 80 degree weather, as a treat.

But young people, please stay inside and wear a mask if you do venture outside: According to new analysis, people under 40 now represent half of new coronavirus infections in Washington reports the Seattle Times. 39% of confirmed cases in our state were among people age 20-39, while 11% were among people 19 and younger.

Delhi residents are readying themselves for a swarm of millions of locusts: during the worst locust invasion India has seen in the past 25 years, reports The Guardian. The director of the Locust Warning Organisation (oh my God), advised residents to "make a lot of loud noise so that instead of settling, they keep flying and fly past the city. And don't panic." Wait, so what are the other signs of the apocalypse again?

An Everett man in his 70s shot and killed a suspected burglar this morning, reports KING 5.

Trump is expected to sign an executive order eroding legal protections for social media companies like Facebook and Twitter over content posted on their platform: This all comes on the heels of Twitter fact-checking the president after he tweeted a lie about the safety of mail-in voting, saying it violated the platform's "civic integrity policy." This seems ominous:

Minneapolis rocked by wave of protests: In spite of social distancing rules, the city was filled with protestors for the second night in a row over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man killed by a white Minneapolis police officer who kneeled on his neck earlier this week. They demanded charges be brought against the officers involved and for the police department to be federally reviewed due to its long history of racist behavior.

The footage coming out of the city last night was unbelievable: Though the protests started out peaceful, the situation quickly became more violent with the police shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at the unarmed crowd, people looting businesses, and buildings being set on fire in south Minneapolis. One of the largest targets was—ahem—Target, which was looted and defaced, as well as other local businesses, affordable housing units, and an AutoZone. One person was also fatally shot in the area, though the situation still remains unclear.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has asked the Minnesota National Guard to move into the city says NBC News.

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While the Department of Justice called its investigation into the killing of Floyd at the hands of police a "top priority."

The University of Minnesota is also cutting some of its ties with the Minneapolis police department in light of Floyd's murder: In a statement by their president, Joan Gabel, the university announced that, among other measures, they will "no longer contract with the Minneapolis Police Department for additional law enforcement support needed for large events, such as football games, concerts, and ceremonies.”

Some good news: "Sour Candy," Lady Gaga's latest single with K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK, is a hit.

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