I have a confession: I arrived late to the Collide-O-Scope party. I didn't see my first Collide-O-Scope until last year, and it's one of my top regrets of the last decade.

The once biweekly Re-bar event smashes found footage into hazy, psychedelic, mad, and gay shorts based around themes like "Hygiene Hijinks" or "Musical Extravaganzas" or "Tough Dames." It's created by Michael Anderson and Shane Wahlund, and while this is probably not news to you—we've been writing about these guys since they started this thing almost 10 years ago—their "half video art installation and half stoner gawk-fest" is one of the best things to watch while you're stoned.

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Outside of the Re-Bar event, Collide-O-Scope was only viewable through the DVDs they would sell at their gigs, including their exceptional Best of the Worst DVD, which I wrote about for our Unstreamable column last year. The welcome package to Seattle should include this DVD and a pack of joints.

But Sloggers, we've got great news: Collide-O-Scope is unstreamable no more. Starting Monday, Collide-O-Scope will start streaming their expertly crafted, mind-melting, often hilarious stream of consciousness video extravaganzas every second and fourth Mondays via The Stranger, starting in June. If you're new to Collide-O-Scope, or have ever wanted to share it with people outside of Seattle, or just want to revisit it because you fucking miss going to Re-Bar and watching this signature mix of mashup madness, NOW IS THE TIME TO WATCH. And by now, I mean every second and fourth Monday.

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