Moving leaves with a machine? Really? Capitalism. Capitalism.
Moving leaves with a machine? Really? Capitalism. Capitalism. AleksandarGeorgiev/

UPDATE: AP reports that the fired officer whose knee cut George Floyd's life short at the neck, Derek Chauvin, is finally behind bars. He has been charged with third-degree murder, which is defined by the intention to cause physical harm, rather than death.

Leaf Blowers: We must hate them because they make too much noise and burn fossil fuel for no good reason: moving leaves from here to there. What these machines do can be done with far less noise and air pollution simply by raking. That said, people protesting China's attempt to shutdown Hong Kong's feisty democracy are using leaf blowers to disperse tear gas.
Core 77:

As the Hong Kong protests stretch into their fourth month, resisters have developed a series of clever DIY defense methods. "Demonstrators have formed special 'units' in charge of tackling tear gas who leap into action as soon as a canister is fired," the AFP reports.

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This Is How You Do It: "Washington businesses face fines of $10,000 or more for not following coronavirus rules." The virus is no joke. If you endanger the public's health because you want to assert the apparently God-given right "to truck, barter, and exchange," then the state (which represents the public) is required to administer a punishment that leaves you smarting.

This Is How You Don't Do It: "Gov. Inslee eases restrictions on religious gatherings." There is absolutely no need to go all soft on the lovers of some super-ape who is storied to have created the whole universe. These people can wait for God. Their God is going nowhere soon. Trust us non-believers. We very well know that God will be around until the extinction of the clever ape on a star.

Nordstrom Is Sure It Will Bounce Back: After losing over $521 million in first-quarter sales. The reasons why the company is so upbeat? It has reduced its inventory, turned the heat up on its online sales, and 40% of its stores recently reopened in places that uppity city people like myself often describe as "the sticks."

We Almost Forgot That: It's going to be a cruel summer.

MYNorthwest reports:

As of publishing, the National Weather Service reports that the high for SeaTac — where the NWS measures weather for the Seattle area — sits at 80 degrees for Thursday, and 76 degrees for Friday.

Should Seattle hit that 80-degree threshold, it would mark the fourth day at or above that mark so far this month. That’s twice as many 80-degree days the area typically gets in May. The record of seven such days was set back in 1958. The last time the Seattle area saw anything close to that was in 2016, when it had five 80-degree days in May.

And so, on top of rampant police brutality, a racist president, a pandemic that's still killing thousands of Americans, there is the nagging matter of global warming. Our summers are getting hotter because our economy is driven by the liberation of carbon into the atmosphere.

During the Third Night of Protests: Minneapolis Police Department Third Precinct, the station that once employed the four officers involved in George Floyd's death, was destroyed by fire. Trump called the protesters thugs in a tweet. He also threatened to shoot looters. Twitter flagged the president's tweet for "glorifying violence," but did not remove it because it provides certain members of the public with very important information: This man with real power wants to kill black people in the Twin Cities.

All of this is just marvelous for Trump, who needed the US to look at anything but the growing number of coronovirus dead.

103,000: Americans have been killed mostly because of the White House's incompetence and delayed response to the pandemic in the key months of February and March. Mainstream media, however, is under the impression that the criminal mismanagement of the public health emergency is not what will cost Trump his seat in power but, instead, the economic crash triggered by a nationwide shutdown.

Minneapolis Looters Avoid Bookstore: To be honest, it would have been better if they looted the bookstore and not the Target. The former has the element of hope, the latter does not.

Looting a Target only shows that the poor are, to use a Zimbabwean expression, ideologically cooked. To make my meaning plain, listen to the rousing speech by Omali Yeshitela on the opening track of Dead Prez's album Let's Get Free, "Wolves":

Yeshitela's speech has two parts. One is directed that at his community. He is says: You are cooked because you are not creating new desires; you are, instead, enslaved to the desires of your masters. The other part of the speech is directed at the masters. Yeshitela says: You blame blacks for wanting the things you have, but these are things they can't afford because you have systematically impoverished them. Yeshitela is 78, lives in Florida, and is the head of the African People's Socialist Party.

If You Feel That This Slog AM Reads Like the End of the World: Then you are feeling me.

Seven Protesters Shot In Louisville, Kentucky: This protest was for another black person, Breonna Taylor, killed by people who are armed and paid to protect wealth from the dangers of extreme inequality.

The Louisville Metro Police claims that “[no] officers discharged their service weapons” during this protest, and that "all seven shot were civilians." In short, the police be like 50 cent: "I don't know who got you, I don't know who stabbed you, I don't know who shot you, I don't know cut you..."

Two Protests for George Floyd: Will happen tomorrow, Saturday, in Seattle. One is set to begin at 3 p.m. at Westlake Center. It will be hard for anything close to social distancing to be maintained during these protests. We have reached the grim point where anti-racists must risk their lives to make their voices heard.

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