Mayor's Office Releases Statement Regarding “Use of Mace by SPD”



aww Kelsey sounds so cute! yay! let the mayor speak for her own useless self.


Police brutality in response to protest of police brutality.


NYPD drive right into and over protesters in Brooklyn.


This is a meaningless response from the mayor's office. Nothing will come from the unprovoked macing of peaceful protesters.


Durkin has ALWAYS been on the polices side, when she was US Attorney she consistently undercut efforts at truly effective police reform


This is a parenting issue, not a police issue.


@6: Or maybe stop victim blaming. This started out as a peaceful protest. Many parents brought their kids to the Women's March. Kids (and people in general) should be able to go to these things without fear of violence. It's very privileged to say that you shouldn't exercise your rights if it's a problem that you don't have to face. The police and the City handled this really poorly, the blame lies with them.


This is a joke and a fantasy, there is zero accountability for police. Jenny made quite sure if that.


@9. The women's marches were not surrounded by violence like this one. There were strong indications of violence here and all across the country. You can blame the cops for a particular action, but the fault lies with the parents for putting the child in such a situation in the first place.

You say "should be able to go to these things without fear of violence" - well yeah. But in case you noticed, our world is not ideal.


@9 As you state, it started out peaceful but the moment the crowd needs to stand off against the police, as soon as it starts to turn violent, you get your kid out of that situation. It's what's called good parenting. Blame may fall to the police but there's still a lot of blame that falls on the parents. I would say their actions come close to child endangerment.

Also, let's also put some blame on the asshats that turned a meaningful, peaceful protest into a riot. Didn't see that at the Women's March.


I hope CPS sees this... totally irresponsible to endanger a child by taking it to a riot.


Assholes tried victim blaming Dr King for allowing children at Civil Rights marches.

This is no different.


Does anyone really believe the cop saw a child and deliberately shot her with mace? He either didn’t see the kid, or was trying to mace someone else who probably had it coming, or both. I don’t trust cops, but c’mon. There was every indication this protest was not going to be peaceful. The kid should not have been there, period.


The reason why this child was maced was because the SPD officers were provoking peaceful protesters. I saw first hand, mace, teargas and flash bang grenades were used on peaceful protesters. It was a good fifteen minutes after this provocation by SPD that burning and smashing began.


Oh. Look. One of our trolls brought his sock puppet out of shame-retirement to call a Girl-human child and victim of brutality an “it.”

Sort of gives “it” all away right there.


“Does anyone really believe the cop saw a child and deliberately shot her with mace?”

Oh. FFS.

Ever hear of Tamir Rice? The 12-year old murdered in Cleveland by Officer Timothy Loehmann? I guess you forget that shit like that has been ongoing for hundreds of years in this country.

Why the fuck would pepper-spraying a child surprise you? Are you really that brain washed?


In the era of progressive gender identity and expression, your projecting an obscure narrative on a non-binary pronoun seems rather disingenuous, prof.


@18: Brain washing is easier on brains that have no intelligence, like yours. We don't know the facts:

The Stranger is waiting to release that video until we find out more about the incident.

How utterly disgusting and irresponsible for Frizzelle to post this article before the facts are known.


@19 The gender of the girl was already specified in the article you disingenuous mewling halfwit.

Make sure to reply like sixty times, though.


more bold leadership from the democrats!


@21: One reply will do: lighten up


@14 A peaceful march vs.violent protest is not that same thing. As I said, the minute the confrontation turned to one of confronting cops and their orders, that's when a concerned parent removes their young child from the equation. This isn't rocket science. Try to spin it/excuse it away as much as you want but the fact is that the child should not have been there.

@16 Yes, I was there too. With Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Everyone was happy enjoying tea on the lawn until fascist, white cops (pretending to be protesters - to discredit the "movement") disrupted everything by refusing to allow a peaceful protest (and to score some sweet designer bags and a cheesecake - amiright ;) ) much like they did to the Women's March. Ah, so easy to make shit up on the internets.


They musta Believed
that (all) cops were
good people too.


Whoever maces a kid probably didn't do it on purpose. Whoever brings a kid to a protest might deserve a visit from child services. Bravo.


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the family lived in that building, and it was being evacuated? And they walked smacked into this shitshow?


@28: Boarded up stores typically don't need to be evacuated during a protest. But if they did, responsible parents wouldn't escort their little darling into the melee. But do send an email anyway to with any information you might have.


@18: so by your own logic, the parents put the kid in harm’s way by exposing them to cop thugs who have no qualms about spraying mace in her face, right? Doesn’t that make those parents even more negligent?


Fuck these police. They spent all day yesterday inciting violence on peaceful crowds. The flashbangs, tear gas and mace we're all deployed in a coordinated effort WAY before the rioting started. 5th and Cherry at this same time, they brought out SWAT and shot tear gas and flash bangs into a peaceful crowd. There's literally 1000's of videos showing them doing this.


@33: Well, when you go out looking for a hot fudge sundae, don't complain when you get it served to you with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.



But the residences ABOVE those boarded up stores MAY need to be evacuated. Ever think of THAT, you duplicitous grzzling twat?


Oh yes COMTE, milk the possibility at the expense of probability. That entrance appears rather boarded up as well. But hang on to that. They could have beamed down from the Enterprise as well.

We'll find out regardless in Christopher's in-depth update tomorrow.



That's right, because as everyone knows, the access to an upper floor apartment always goes directly through a ground-level retail establishment. Bet you didn't think of that, did you, you insufferably fractious cockwomble?


@34 Raindrop - That's probably the dumbest shit I've ever read on the Stranger, and that's saying A LOT. People have the right to peacefully assemble without the threat of violence from the police. Pull your tongue off a boot for long enough to figure it out.