So How Are Biden and the Other 2020 Dems Handling Things?



Maybe, just maybe, we should consider, if just for a moment, perhaps... again, just consider it. You don't have to commit to it. But maybe, just maybe... the Democrats are part of the problem too. I know, it's a radical thought. But please, just consider it for a moment.


Halfway across the river, the frog suddenly felt a sharp sting in his back, and as his vision blurred and his senses reeled from the poison coursing through his bloodstream, he managed to croak, just before going under
"Why did you do that? Now we surely both drown!"

And the scorpion said
"I couldn't help it. It's in my nature."


There have been so many fine writers that have worked at The Stranger over the years. Matt Baume isn't one of them. He is a joke. This "article" is ridiculous. Not the least bit insightful; just bullshit gossip and snide remarks, like it was written by the editor of a middle school newspaper.

First of all, the policy that Biden suggested is reasonable, and would likely result in fewer deaths. Once a cop pulls a gun, they are trained to shoot-to-kill. Biden suggested that someone attacking with a knife would instead be shot in the leg. Yes, I know there are plenty of cops saying that won't work, but having a range of options is worth exploring, especially since the current policy isn't working. Of course this case wasn't the result of that, but as part of a greater discussion on policing, it should be considered.

Baume doesn't stop there, and focus on one statement. He ignores the entire context, and his juvenile writing suggests that this is the first thing Biden has done in months. Holy shit, Matt, every person in America knows what happened to Biden -- how can you be so fucking clueless? Biden wrote several excellent op-ed in the New York Times (you should read it some times Matt -- ask someone to explain the big words). This includes sensible efforts that likely would have hundreds of lives -- just from the date he wrote it (

This isn't the only thing Biden has said, or wrote. On this very subject, Baume has ignored Biden's contributions on the subject until now. He didn't even bother to mention his statement, or the way he tied together his own grief, the way that Bobby Kennedy did the night Dr. King was shot ("I know that a grief that dark and deep may at times feel too heavy to bear"). Baume ignores the outpouring of grief, frustration, anger, sympathy and empathy that Biden feels. Instead Baume makes a snide remark about "We all have a moral obligation to stand up, speak out, and hold people accountable", as if he could write something. You can't Matt. You can't, because you are a small minded little prick, who is happy to piss on the adults in the room -- or on the streets -- that are actually trying to change the world.


Sometimes I think The Stranger wants Trump to be re-elected.


A snide, spiteful hit piece. Just grab a quotation that makes a Democrat look like a cop-violence apologist; ignore any larger context or any further comment the Democrat may have offered; and disdainfully imply Democrats are cowards and hypocrites, especially in comparison to "real" progressives like the author himself. Accountability? Wait until you try to win an election one day with ferocious, mendacious right-wing attack dogs all over you; with everyone on the left pouncing if you appear even one scintilla less than Sawant-approved; addressing legislation about the complex, terrifying circumstances of real-world crime, such as domestic violence or serial arson or active shooter incidents. Snide condescension is easy--when indeed you're not accountable. No, I don't believe Joe Biden is a monster or corpse. He's low-key as national politicians go: I'm fine with that. Millions of voters are fine with that. Maybe we're tired of sanctimonious village scolds who know the answers and who the evil people are. Good for Biden. You can have your screamers and blamers and know-it-alls.


You know...of those responses, I’ll take Bernie Sanders’ response even though he still believes in our current institutions. Sanders at least called it a police murder and is willing to improve our system.

Biden still believes in the PATRIOT Act, the militarization of police, his platform calls for hundreds of millions of dollars to go towards policing. He said shoot people in the fucking leg if they’re complaining.

We need to be either improving the system or dismantling the system, not electing people whose goal is to reinforce it.


So much privilege at The Stranger.