News Jun 1, 2020 at 5:18 pm

Activists pointed their finger at the wrong cop, city says.



I glad that you're setting the record straight and let this instigate an all-hands with your colleagues into Journalism 101.


It wasn't this jackbooted thug, it was another one!


@1 Exactly.


Taping over your badge number should be a no-questions-asked firing. That's a deliberate move to wield power and lethal force without responsibility.


@5: Exactly. Fact checking determines if all the pertinent facts are known. They weren't.


Don't bring a child to a riot.


In Mayor Durken’s press conference today she noted that all police officer have their full name (first initial. last name) printed on their uniform on the other side of their chest and if you look at any of the photos you will see that is true. They also seemed to have their names on the back of their helmets. Is there some reason that isn’t good enough to identify them?


@9, Derek Chauvin shouldn't be able to dictate how the Muchausen's raise their child!!!


In the bigger picture, Myerberg’s OPA is no match for SPOG, its contract on-I-mean-with the city, and a deeply entrenched, militarized, us/them police culture.


@3 Quite likely. However if we're calling for the police to be held accountable for their actions, it is actually pretty important to get the individual who actually committed those actions.


Taking a toddler into violent situations IS the abuse.



By that logic, no child should ever be allowed to ride in a motor vehicle, go to a swimming pool, or play a contact sport, given that all of these activities might result in potential harm to the child, amiright? The only good parent is one who never lets their child exit the confines of a heavily padded room until their 16th birthday - all others are likely child abusers.


@20 I don't think I'm ready to say anyone "abused" a child without more information on what actually happened. What we do know is there were definitely agitators in the crowd who were throwing things at the police and at some point the police deployed non-lethal deterrents to disperse the crowd. Unfortunately a child was caught up in the crowd and affected. That is a much different story than an officer deliberately sprayed a child in the face out of some weird sense of spite. The one thing I haven't seen discussed yet is what was the alternative? Should the police allow objects to continue to be tossed around? What if that child was hit in the head with a frozen water bottle? Do they go into the crowd and physically try to apprehend people throwing things? That is difficult to do and could invite physical confrontation and more harm. This is a horrible situation and outcome but what could have went differently in these circumstances?


Multiple eye witnesses have identified Officer Jared Campbell (badge number 8470) as the assailant who knowingly abused a small child at a peaceful protest. If OPA or members of the Seattle City Council have information that identifies another officer as the perpetrator, they need to publicly identify that officer, and show at least some evidence that it wasn't Jared Campbell. Until then, the community will continue to assume that Jared Campbell is a child abuser, and unfit to be a member of SPD.


@25: No, until then, we sit back politely until the investigation has run its course.

@35: What an eye-roll stretch that was.


*26.b refers to 22


Normally even the slightest possibility of unfairly accusing someone would throw us into a frenzy. When we do it however, we're fine with it.


@9 don't bring cops to a peaceful protest.


They don't call it pepper spray. And what they shoot at you are not rubber bullets.
It may seem that this is George Orwell1984 double speak but these are the people who think lying about something and getting away with it is how you own the libs.

Ask the right question. Ask what the city has for sprays in protests and ask if they used it. Otherwise they will lie and not even consider it a lie.

If you remember WTO, they will lie until they are fired or force out of office.


If that is true then who did it? Where is the proof that another officer did it? Am I supposed to blindly believe a police force that is concealing their badge numbers and identities and assaulting peaceful protestors? This story doesn't even sound the slightest bit legitimate to me. Is this real journalism or a tabloid?

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