How Protesters Around the World Shield Themselves from Tear Gas and Pepper Spray



@Matt, you missed the use of a battery powered leaf blower to redirect tear gas. Add this to the tactics available.


When did Matt Baume become Ansel Herz? In 2016, he was a bootlicking Hillary-humping Durkan-fellating 1%er wannabe. Now he’s been radicalized a bit. I welcome the new rhetoric but what happened?


2 were you just roused from a 3.5 year coma


@4 Nope. Looking at Baume’s history, he kind of disappeared from the political scene after Hillary went bust, and it seems that he didn’t really go radical until last week. I kind of figured he’d be stressing the importance of a curfew and welcoming Joe Biden’s nonsense with open arms.

I welcome this new radical behavior. But I’m wondering what the impetus of it is.


So much LARPing


Go on YouTube and watch Matt's amazing videos. I especially love his series on gay characters in sitcoms. Like this:


umbrellas = SHIELD WALL and