Inslee Extends Statewide Eviction Moratorium Through August 1



Hundreds of thousands of Washington State residents are out of work and have no immediate prospects for returning to their jobs - and Scrooge McShoreline would have them thrown out into the streets, after which he will immediately whinge that the homeless problem has exploded into a civic blight that can only be eradicated by locking them up in a for-profit incarceration facility so that he doesn't have to pay for it.

If Jesus really existed he'd slap you into next Sunday...


"Right now, landlords in most cities across the state can serve renters a 20-day notice for any reason they want."

No. Per 20-19.2:

"Landlords, property owners, and property managers are prohibited from serving or enforcing,
or threatening to serve or enforce, any notice requiring a resident to vacate any dwelling or
parcel of land occupied as a dwelling, including but not limited to an eviction notice, notice to
pay or vacate, notice of unlawful detainer, notice of termination of rental, or notice to comply
or vacate. This prohibition applies to tenancies or other housing arrangements that have expired
or that will expire during the effective period of this Proclamation. This prohibition applies
unless the landlord, property owner, or property manager (a) attaches an affidavit attesting that
the action is necessary to respond to a significant and immediate risk to the health, safety, or
property of others created by the resident; or (b) provides at least 60 days’ written notice of
intent to (i) personally occupy the premises as a primary residence, or (ii) sell the property."



So, why should landholders be literally the ONLY class of businesses NOT having to suffer, just like everyone else?


In this state, the best decision is to NOT be a landlord. Period. Olympia and Seattle area have seen a huge decrease in rentals and it's understandable. The state wants control over my assets and can tell me how to bill in my business -- great, let the state get rental properties.


They also permit property owners to evict tenants with a 60-day notice if they plan to sell or occupy the unit.

Gee that was generous - allowing a property owner to reclaim and live in their own property.


Like martin Luther king pointed out- Everything the Nazis did was legal.

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