Jess Stein

"Nina Simone"
Always a blessing to see Ms. Simone, like a double rainbow.
Always a blessing to see Ms. Simone, like a double rainbow. Jasmyne Keimig
I think I spotted this one on Bellevue Ave sometime last week. It looks pretty new. I can't find an attribute, but seeing it just as the city broke out in protest of George Floyd's murder and police brutality, it felt prophetic. Take a moment to listen to the forever relevant "Mississippi Goddam" (don't mind the Greek subtitles).

"Grita Tu Aborto!"
Spotted on 15th Ave.
Spotted on 15th Ave. JK
I know I've used this column to take a stand against using dead celebrities for causes we're unsure if they'd support. I'm making an exception for this "Grita Tu Aborto!" (Shout Your Abortion!). Anything for Selenaaaaaaas. That said, if you know Selena was pro-choice, let me know!

"Thank You for Pot Smoking"
Also spotted on 15th Ave.
Also spotted on 15th Ave. JK
Not technically a sticker, but I enjoy a crude sign correction.

"Mouse in Mouth"
Lovingly hand drawn sticker.
Lovingly hand drawn sticker. JK
I can only think about how all of humanity is the mouse and 2020 is the dog. Right in her grip—eat us up, baby.

Support The Stranger

"Gender: Null"
Spotted off Broadway.
Spotted off Broadway. JK
My brain almost combusted while reading what "export default" means. I can gather a couple of things: this is Javascript and exports have something to do with modules (?). Instinctively, I know this is about one's gender not being default. Coders, help me out!

"Yeah We Gay, Keep Walking"
One of the best ones Ive seen in awhile.
One of the best ones I've seen in awhile. JK
This one was right above the gender sticker. Happy Pride! Keep it moving if you wanna ogle, dude.

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