Slog AM: Seattle Protests, Trump Finally Gets a Wall, Russia's State of Emergency



What is up with the plane that keeps circling? Is this why Durkan lifted the curfew, because we're now under military surveillance?


Just a heads-up. There is currently a thread on 4chan where people are discussing tampering with the water left out for protesters.


That plane is annoying af, it’s been circling all day, 1am and it’s still going.

If you hate it, contact or tweet at WSP, and sign the Durkan recall petition at


From the Hennepin county medical examiner:
"cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression."
From the independent autopsy:
"asphyxiation from sustained pressure"

"Whether or not he was intoxicated or had medications in his system is irrelevant to the cause of death, which is homicide, which is death by the hand of another," Floyd family attorney Antonio Romanucci told CNN. "The end result, which is George Floyd's death, would not be any different."
A homicide is the death of a person caused directly by another person. It includes murder and manslaughter. In order to be culpable, you only need to know that what you're doing could cause death, Romanucci said.

"They knew they were employing restraints that could or might cause death," he said.


Ho-Hum; another night of protesting? Still looking for that perfect Instagram Moment? Still curating your 'brand'?

Ah, that heady brew of youthful self-righteousness. This is probably the biggest thing that will ever happen in their mundane lives. Just as Boomers wax profound about their salad days as 1960s hippies (and everyone claims of being at Woodstock), 50 years from now the grandchildren of this lot will have to put up with the stories and endless reminisces of how gramps and nana 'made a difference' (much in the same way an Oxpecker thinks it guides the Rhinoceros whose back it rides.)

The point was made, now it's being beaten to death. You risk losing the power of your narrative with your self-righteous tediousness. Just remember to put the bong down long enough to vote in November, and most importantly, make damn sure your family and friends in 'red' and battleground states do so. Don't be like the pouting, 'stay-at-home' Bernie Bros of 2016.

Demonstrating is easy. Making real changes that last in society is work and takes time. Do you think you have the attention span for that?



Just think, all you'll be able to tell your grandkids is that you used to shitpost and concern troll.

"The point was made, now it's being beaten to death."
You can put down the keyboard now.


@4 None of that is relevant to his murder, idiot. Really, you need to learn to think.


@7: Ask yourself: at this point, what exactly do you think you're accomplishing? Awareness is raised. Where - if anywhere - do you plan on going from here? Do you even have a plan?

Admit it, after two months of Pandemic lockdown, you're bored. You've reached the outskirts of Netflix and Hulu. The nights are getting warmer, and with all the clubs closed and the festivals canceled, the idea of these endless all-night 'block parties' are a welcome diversion. The opportunity to engage in endless self-righteous 'virtue signaling' is just icing on your cannibis-laced brownie.

Enjoy it while you can. Eventually the PUA checks will stop coming, and it will be back to your mundane lives of waiting tables, pouring shots, and navigating cubicle mazes (assuming you'll have jobs to go back to). Blocking intersections and waving signs may give you a fleeting feeling of relevance, but it won't pay for your weed and lattes. You can postpone adulting, but you can't avoid it.



Sez the mighut keyboard warrior who got up extra-early this morning for a little shit-posting to start off his no doubt otherwise thoroughly super-productive busy important work day...


@9 I can help you make more sense of the world - the purpose of demonstrations isn't to "raise awareness" (whatever that means) its to create pressure for social or political change. So until reform happens, there's reason to continue.

That was easy! Anything else puzzling you?


"Seattle police say we can stay here all night"
They probably enjoy standing around collecting OT while not getting getting shit thrown at them more than they enjoy busting heads. Well, most of them anyway...


Nothing that George Floyd did prior to being murdered by the cops justifies his murder. Period.


'Virginia is going to take down a Robert E. Lee statue???'

Because they could not keep vandals from coating it with slogans and other such paint.
Rather than watch it get brutalized they took it down. Not because, y'know, it is the very symbol of the murder and enslavement of untold African people. That was the reason it stood at all.


Whilst Any attempts at enlightening
the fart of a duck will always be Disappointing
it's always a Good Thing to Educate the Uninformed.
Eventually, some Will seep in -- it's kinda like Osmosis.

Good, Luck!


Well it's good that they're tearing down the statue of Robert E. Lee.

What they really need to do is chance the public school curriculum to accurately portray Lee as the white supremacist, traitor, and terrorist that he really was. That's where the real harm is caused.


I can’t get over the fact that the cops gassed the clergy to clear them out for Prezinazi AntiChrist’s Bie-bel photo op on Monday.

Again, they gassed the clergy!!!

Now, Tr666p’s Evilungelical Despicables don’t consider Episcopalians (or Cathaholics, or Methodists, etc) to be legitimate Christians, but still.

Very reminiscent of that scene in The Handmaid’s Tale:

OFGLEN: “The war is going well, I hear. They’ve defeated more of the rebels.”
OFFRED: “Praise be. What were they?”
OFGLEN: “Baptists.”


I must say it's a splash of ice-cold water to go to in the morning and be confronted with a photo of Vladimir Putin. Not that I'm complaining--I'm always up for a shock in the morning.

Anyway, it's interesting Slog AM mentions Sweden's Anders Tegnell expressing some regrets/non-regrets about the whole herd immunity approach (which is bad enough for Sweden with its universal health care and largely low-melanin population that just sucks up coronavirus-fighting Vitamin D).

This morning, out of sheer morbid fascination, I went to, and saw that yesterday Sweden reported 2,214 new cases, whereas previously their highest one-day case total was around 800. I figure this is just some reporting blip, the likes of which I've seen that site regurgitate. But upon seeing that ostensible spike, I went to, which is where I came across the Anders Tegnell stories myself, though nothing about that huge number.


@15: Do you have any knowledge to support that or is just a cynical shade?


@6/9: You are exactly the same kind of person who spewed exactly the same kind of shit regarding protests during the civil rights movement in the 60s.
Those like you were wrong (and racist) then, and you are wrong (and racist) now.


Didn't we all learn when we were like 7 that you can't breath when someone sits on you?


After MLK was assassinated, 110 American Cities started rioting, causing $47M in damage. On the 6th day of the riots, the Civil Rights Act of 1968 was passed.


Looking at the photos of the police and national guard carrying out these attacks on peaceful protestors, we can clearly see lots of black and brown faces.

So, we have people of color attacking people of color in order to ensure that the white police can harass, terrorize, and murder their own communities.

What the everliving fuck is wrong with people in the police and the military???

“After decades of waging war across the planet, the U.S. empire is waging war directly on its own people.”
-- Ben Norton


Meanwhile, Breonna Taylor's murderers (cops using a no-knock warrant (illegal) on the wrong address, looking for someone who was already in custody) who shot her 8 times while she was sleeping in her bed are still walking free. We still need Justice for Bre.


@22, that's a good point, and in many cases they're not just the same kind of people, the ARE the same people

Ever watch the old footage of the school segregation protests? National Guard (back when it served and protected) escorting little black girls to school, and in the background hordes of white people in beehive hairdos and horn-rimmed glasses hurling slurs and bricks. Those white people are teenagers and twenty somethings. They're still alive and now they're Trump's base.


@24: Yes, it also had the moral clarity to include the Anti-Riot Act, that makes it a felony to "travel in interstate commerce...with the intent to incite, promote, encourage, participate in and carry on a riot."


@28, that's your idea of morals, is it? Not the civil rights part but the bullshit interstate part?


Remember when the Taliban destroyed all the monuments in Afghanistan because they didn't agree with the people who built them?


@29: The words "yes", "also", and "include" negated the need for your question.


@24 How ironic; fast forward today and we have a governor who has suspended the civil rights act.


@28 again with the "moral clarity" - you clearly refuse to acknowledge what that means. It has nothing to do with how you keep using it.

Moral clarity is a catchphrase associated with American political conservatives. Popularized by William J. Bennett's Why We Fight: Moral Clarity and the War on Terrorism, the phrase was first used in its current context during the 1980s, in reference to the politics of Ronald Reagan.


@30: False equivalency.


Finally! Our military is invading a country that actually speaks English!
And as for moral clarity - How about equal protection under the law!


30 Did the afghanistan have monuments to traitors who fought to break up their country to defend the right to own humans as property? Or were they just totems of a religion they didn't like?

32 citation plz


@33: We live in a free country, all nouns are free to be modified by the adjectives of our choosing.

Just because you found that link doesn't give you any credence to project your Cancel Culturing.


30: “I think it wiser moreover not to keep open the sores of war, but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavoured to obliterate the marks of civil strife and to commit to oblivion the feelings it engendered” - Robert E. Lee.

In other words, even he didn’t want the statues.


@37 you're on a roll this morning. you clearly do not understand the concept or meaning of cancel culture either. you are no public figure and no one here is supporting you (so therefore, they cannot be withdrawing support). pointing out your incorrect use of a made up conservative catchphrase is not engaging in cancel culture.

cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.


@30, remember when the Soviet Union collapsed and Russians ran out and tore down statues of Stalin?

@37, and because we live in a free country, we're allowed to criticize and laugh at all the stupid immoral racist shit that you say.


@39: It's a malleable phrase, xina. Here's what google displays at the top:

“Cancel Culture” is a term that’s gained more traction in the online sphere in recent weeks. Put simply, it describes publicly shaming people for bad tweets, opinions or past transgressions, usually.


A little quick math ...
* In Sweden, 42% of the COVID-19 cases and 96% of deaths are in people 60 years or older.
* In WA, 28% of the COVID-19 cases and 90% of deaths are in people 60 years or older.

Sweden's policy is not impacting folks under the age of 60. If we could just focus our efforts on distancing that population (and those with pre-existing conditions), we can get back to a relative state normalcy.


Anyone know where I can find information about protests so I could join? Where to go when, etc?


@44, no, revolutionary war heroes are, excepting the slave owning ones, symbols of freedom from oppression.

They're more akin to nazi swastikas, and neo nazi symbols. Imagine big portrays of Hitler. Or imagining them building a statue of Osama bin Laden at ground zero. That's the equivalent of confederate states. Thomas Jefferson was a rapist piece of shit, and the parties switched sides on the issue of white supremacy back in the sixties. Modern parties have nothing to do with their past. Goes to show you how ignorant Republicans are of basic American history. I guess that's why they keep trying to rewrite it.



That's an example of how "one bad apple spoils the entire barrel".


Your allusion might be apt if Kristallnacht had been perpetrated by the Jewish citizens of Germany against their oppressors - but, that's not how it went down, is it?

Also, we WON the Civil War - you LOST. Get over it, racist snowflake.


44 toppling monuments of literal traitors seems like a baseline meeting point every patriotic american should be able to get behind but you guys can’t do that for some weird reason


You know that the protests must be having ZERO effect when America's biggest, strongest, smartest, most humble deal-maker is actively turning the White House into a fortress.

@22: Hear hear!



That's a lot of projection.

First off, I can't physically join the protests due to health concerns.
I'm going to have to self isolate for the foreseeable future, which will require me to start a new career. It's not a problem, I've had to do it many times in the past. It looks like I'm going to return to the career that I went to school for, which I didn't expect.
As for Netflix and Hulu, I've only started watching either over the past week thanks to a family member gifting me subscriptions. I honestly haven't watched much, I tend to spend most of my tv time scrolling through the option.
I didn't end up watching the pilot for the Golden Girls last night. Good stuff, but it left me wondering what happened to Coco when the show got picked up.

As far as the protesters "losing the power of their narrative", I don't see how that can happen.
You see, the narrative is that police brutality is a problem in this country, and that brutality is especially damaging to marginalized communities like communities of color and the poor. The actions of law enforcement are only highlighting the problem, and showing the formerly relatively safe community of young white people that they aren't safe from state sanctioned violence either.

I guess your idea of fun is different than mine, because the boot of authoritarianism stomping someone in the face sounds like the polar opposite of "fun" to me.

My biggest fear is that the authorities won't realize their mistake until it's too late.
People will only take this kind of abuse for so long before they realize that they outnumber the authorities by insurmountable numbers and the people start to use the tactics and tools of violence against their oppressors instead of symbolic and inanimate targets.
This is how revolutions start.


@49- the one that amused me was bringing down the statue of Frank Rizzo in Philly.
For those of us of a certain age with vivid memories of the Rizzo era, it seems incomprehensible that they ever put up the statue in the first place.


52 i had to look him up - holy shit!


@30 - Remember when the Germans did not put up statues of Nazi leaders because it's reprehensible to memorialize murderers and war criminals?

Yet in America, we memorialize traitors, war criminals and purveyors of despicable crimes against humanity, which kidnapping and enslaving humans most certainly is.

And no bullshit about states rights or the price of cotton. The articles of secession written by the seceding states themselves are available to be read by anyone, and the only reason they cited in 1861 is safeguarding slavery, that's it.


Opey Dear, I don't think you can blame "liberals" or even Democrats for the state of Washington being named after Washington (If that's what you were getting at. You're kind of incoherent).

Washington State, at the founding, was most decidedly NOT a liberal enclave. But now that I think of it, maybe we could repurpose the name after, I don't know, George Washington Carver? Dinah Washington?

In any event, it turns out that Washington is the largest black surname in the country. Who knew?


@53 Right on. Nazi symbolism of any kind in Germany is a crime. It should be the same here in the U.S. with regard to all Confederate-related paraphernalia.

Great anti-Trump ad regarding the Confederate flag and white supremacists


@55 it is directly related to slavery and freed slaves being able to choose their surname.


@56 was meant for @54



And in more than a few cases the surnames were adopted because a lot of white slave owners raped black women, so why not take daddy's or granddaddy's name?


@30 well, first they are not destroying the Lee monument, the municipality is taking it down and will vote to decide if moving it to a museum where it belongs is what people want.

Second it’s pretty cute to compare a 1000 year old work heritage treasure to a monument funded by the KKK as propaganda that erected well after the war. And one that Lee himself directly asked not to be made. Lee didn’t want ANY monuments to the confederacy. Since, history is important to you you may want to look that shit up.

But since a public symbol of adoration to treason and terrorism is so important to you as “part of history” then let’s erect monuments to those Taliban you mentioned — just like we do the confederate enemies who attacked the United States.

Hey. I guess you’d love a monument to Osama Bin Laden. Or a Hitler, too. History!

And btw. You don’t know what the 1968 Civil Rights Act even was because if you DID you’d know the governor literally can’t suspend it. Because they are federal acts and have nothing to with what is happening.

And which one? Commonly we mean the Civil Rights Act of 1968. But there was also the Civil Rights Act of 1866 - which forbade discrimination in housing.

But I’d love for you to specify which clause - with the clause and paragraph from the act - of either Civil Rights Act that has been suspended. C’mon, Tiger. Look it over.

Because that shit ought to be hilarious.


@59 yes, the article url I put in my comment explains that part of it, too.


"you go home, we go home"

This brings up something that came to mind way back during the WTO protests: why exactly are the cops out there to begin with? Is it to protect the windows of the East Precinct from getting smashed? I think they could probably replace those windows about a thousand times and it would be way the hell cheaper than all the overtime the city is paying out, not to mention the lawsuit settlements that will result from all this.


@62, it's all about the overtime pay. Policing is a racket.


Also there was a nice story out of Alabama yesterday. Civil rights activists were pulling down a Confederate monument, and got helpful practical advice from an Egyptologist, a scholar who's dedicated their life to the study of ancient history, monuments, and art.

So all the nazi crying crocodile tears can go fuck themselves twice.


Melt the Lee statue down and make toilet paper holders out of it.


"the world will little note nor long remember"
Interesting that @6 wrote "50 years", exactly one month ago was the 50 year anniversary of some event the the world little noted nor long remembered. What I find interesting in light of current events is what happened 5 days later.


Making Disgraced Former Presidents Great Again. Perhaps only by comparison to a very, very low bar, but five days later? if not morals, the dude at least had balls (but not bone spurs)

Too obscure? does "Neil Young" help? Wikipedia has pages listing major events for given months


Comte dear, I think we should respect a family's name until they decide to disrespect it.


Yes, Kent State-
Seems most American civilians don't like it when the military is ordered to shoot them.


“After decades of waging war across the planet, the U.S. empire is waging war directly on its own people.”
-- Ben Norton

Thanks, OriginalA.

Whotf cared when they bombed Cambodia or Iraq or Afghanistan or whereverthe Fuck -- they got in some Great Practice on the Art of War and now the chickens can all come home to roost. Plus all those wonnerful weapons of mass destruction and/or nasty little weapons to keep you in your place -- they feel Free to use all that shit on their very own Citizenry (when did we Vote on that?).

(So, what should the punishment be of those who attack the police or who loot or burn shit down -- and how necessary are they in achieving Social Justice? Might it be possible (in a Pandemic) to shut enough shit down to catch their attention + inspire Action?

Damn, we're at such an Opportunity -- a once (hopefully) in a Lifetime lining up of all the planets -- a Panfucking Demic, a neofascist fake president, and an outta Control police force attacking the Citizenry / reinstitionalizing Slavery in our for-profit incarceration industrial complex with the impunity of the unquestionably-Entitled -- plus, they come fully-well-Armed AND with state-o-the-Art weaponry cum body armor (with cameras that may [or may not] be turned on -- more Privelige, for the Warrior Class) an Opportunity to turn this shit-show upside fucking down.

Or rightside up.