Seattle Says Only SWAT Can Use Tear Gas For 30 Days



“But, because of "the magnitude of the event" on May 30, SPD found that "blast balls and OC spray (i.e. pepper spray) simply were not proving effective,"

That’s a big fat lie. Tear gas & flash bombs were used on Saturday before any looting occurred. The crowd was chanting like a normal protest and the tear gas sent the crowd running up Pine.


According to Durkan, "Ultimately it will be the federal court that decides" whether tear gas is banned outright.

What, because you can't make a decision? Resign.


This is like the classic Savage Love column. "Can't... ban... tear gas... thumb... in... ass... send... help!"



It's a shame when your supply runs out and Amazon won't ship you any more.


Political leader from America's 'left'... 'I will not allow chemical weapons to be used against my city's people... for 30 days... because it isn't effective.'


@6 Durkin is from the part of the left that represents what the right was 30 years ago if you took away the blatent phobias of gays and minorities. She managed to run a campaign of "reasonable compromise" between the far left and the center right, but I think she's going to have a tough time explaining her several "compromises" that have looked more like she hasn't moved her political ideology since it was okay to say , , , and **.


Saying this again for those in the back:
Liberal =/= Left