We love to see it.
We love to see it. HBO

We gave Michaela Coel’s upcoming series I May Destroy You an excellent review. The 12-episode series premiering on HBO this Sunday takes Coel's signature wit and applies it to the aftereffects of sexual assault. Frankly, I will watch anything with Michaela Coel in it. The London-born actress is most known for her series Chewing Gum, a fast, witty, and singular sitcom about a religious 24-year-old who just really wants to have sex. Our writer Robert Ham called this new act from Coel "stunning" and wrote that "this is gripping, provocative television of the highest order and the kind of platform that Coel, and storytellers like her, richly deserve."

The reviews are now in and others agree:

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  • Vulture: "One of the most immediately striking things about I May Destroy You is its tone...This play on tonality runs the course of the series—scenes that start out as sexy only to become harrowing, dark moments are edged by the comedic without losing sight of the rich dramatic stakes."
  • New York Times: "At just about every step, it’s touching and quietly hilarious. Coel gets away with things that would be dicey for other writer-directors, and she does it with consistency."
  • The Hollywood Reporter: "There's a lot happening here, a lot of big swings. And even when it misses, the ambition of it is a thing to admire."

    I May Destroy You premieres Sunday June 7 at 10:30 pm on HBO and HBO Max.

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