Peaceful and Police-less, North Seattle March Dispersed Suddenly



agent provacatuers See if anyone has a photo of the guy


Just look at all those kids packed together not maintaining social distancing.


Because the white and wealthy only protest when they have nothing at stake and, after careful consideration, it looks good for them to jump on the social band wagon (eg. the no follow up white womens march). Soon as it was whispered that they might be in danger or arrested, they fled back to their nice and safe homes.


@1 That's not what "agent provocateur" means. At all. And you spelled it wrong.



You don't care about them, SB and never have, so fuck right off.


@3: That pretty much sums it up. After a full week of protesting, anything else at this point is only cumulative in optical impact, redundant in political impact, and gratuitous in social impact.

@5: This is no time for impertinence.



You are literally one of the last people around here to tone-police anyone - fuck off.


@7: Yes, your tone requires policing, potty mouth.


Wow, @3 and @6, that's a strange take. Thousands and thousands of wealthy white voters marching will do less to affect political change than hundreds of college kids breaking a couple Starbuck's windows and getting teargassed by police? There were huge protests on Saturday. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands, in North Seattle, West Seattle, and downtown at the morning doctor's protest. That's a lot of people who gave up hours of their weekends and risked COVID infection to make a statement about their political concerns. People that do that are the people who are going to be asking, "what's been done?" at the next election. There were only about 200,000 votes cast in the last mayoral election. Elected officials pay attention to this stuff.


@9: "Gave up their hours on their weekends and risked COVID infection."

Playing canasta or tending to gardening or having a BBQ and not risking COVID infection would have been the wiser choice.