SPD Arrested Man Who Shot Video of Kid Allegedly Pepper Sprayed by Cops



Related: Some horrific protester did shoot a laser at a news helicopter:



@1 So... someone's being held in jail without charges in relation to that, too?


The phone could be booked into evidence Hopefully it's password protected.
There is an RCW on unlawful discharge of a laser.
But it's usually Federal when you shine a laser at an aircraft.


Retaliation... an American police standard since 1776. Go democracy!


This is great and critical reporting.


No wonder so many people are calling for SPD to be defunded. I think Minneapolis may have the right idea, tear the police department down and rebuild it from the ground up. SPD is unreformable.


Are we sure it wasn't the cops upset at the news helicopters showing them in a bad light (sic)?


Please stay on this story. This is clearly retaliation. Has he been released? I fail to see how they could identify him as a person that shown a laser. Did he have one on him? Prove he even owned one? I think this is a tactic to deter people from posting in the first place.


The child screaming on the video (oddly while wearing surgical gloves?) is with people who didn't get sprayed. Strange. And there are cameras on all the stores left, right and sideways, and a million people videotaping, yet there is no shot of anyone spraying in the direction of the child or her father. Odd. No one with her, including her parent, is suffering from being sprayed despite being much easier to reach targets. Odd. Her parent(s) have not spoken with the media. Odd.

As for the bail - all felony investigation are "no bail" bookings until a judge sets bail or grants release without bail. In this case he was released without bail being imposed.