@1, is there a "terrorism" offense listed in the RCW?


Where in the RCW? I couldn't find it.




@1 "Fernandez told the police his brother works at the East Precinct."


amazing this dude did what he did, further brandished his weapon, yet the cops can only be concerned with pepper spraying protesters.


Is THIS THE SAME GUY? -- FROM 2016 --- TSA agent at Sea-Tac charged with voyeurism; witness describes incident via @Q13FOX


@8 Self Defense! Self Defense!


TSA agent at Sea-Tac charged with voyeurism; witness describes incident via @Q13FOX



Holy fuck dude, your obsession with semantics is insufferable. Not choosing the verb of your preference does not constitute journalistic malfeasance on the part of a writer. Websters notes that "To apprehend is to seize, either physically or mentally."

He was apprehended. Fuck off already, idiot.




@15 Self Defense! Self Defense!


Fernandez's intent to harm or kill was clear. One does not exit to Capitol Hill when on the way to work downtown. People on their work typically don't have time for a lengthy diversion.

@12: It's not semantics. It's a detail. Apprehension is involuntary; surrender is voluntary.


White Americans are therefore referenced as white Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites, the former consisting of white Americans who report Hispanophone identity (Spain, Hispanic America, Equatorial Guinea), and the latter consisting of white Americans who do not report Hispanophone ancestry.

As of 2010, 50.5 million or 16.3% of Americans identified as Hispanic or Latino.[1] Of those, 26.7 million, or 53%, also self-identified as white


Armed Attacker, Nikolas Fernández, Rams Seattle Black Lives Matter Protest, Demonstrator Wounded

At that point, the driver ran wildly from his car brandishing a gun at the surrounding crowd. He ran all the way to the police line that faced the protesters. Though the police clearly knew what had happened and that he had a gun, there was hardly any commotion in the police line. It was almost like they had met one of their own. Remember that U.S. police departments have been widely infiltrated by the white supremacist movement.


@20: "there was hardly any commotion in the police line."

Turning yourself in doesn't create much commotion. This was good news, nobody else go shot.


His brother works at the East Precinct...but of course! This piece of shit needs several years in a tiny cage to reconsider what it means to live in civilized society


@22 So Fernandez didn't know there was a police line on the other side of the crowd he was fleeing through, and perhaps didn't initially intend to turn himself in?

If he meant to turn himself in all along, why move toward and into the crowd in the first place, when there were dozens of clearly visible police officers nearby?

Oh, nevermind.

Self Defense! Self Defense!


@25 Self Defense! Self Defense!


@9... the age matches up...but the Q13 article spells his first name as 'Nicholas.' Still, could be the same asshole...


Hilarious that a couple delusional right wingnuts waddled in here because they're TERRIFED that their Morbidly Obese Orange Toddler Racist-In-Chief hero is going down, hard!


@27 Have a good long look at Nicholas:

If Nikolas is the same guy, he's had a hell of a lot of work done, wouldn't you say?

Kinda wonder if he's kept up with the figure skating, too.


@22 he ran into a crowd with a loaded gun with an extra clip. in no way is this acceptable. he did not have to go INTO the crowd. he could have run in the other direction. why continually defend someone who went there to shoot someone? i'm happy he did not unload his clip(s) into the crowd and murder people.


details != defense


@30 "The gunman in the crowd shot only one person, who did not die" qualifies as good news only in America.


@1: To prove attempted murder, prosecutors would have to show an intent to kill. To approve assault 1, prosecutors need only prove that the shooter intentionally and by unlawful force injured another with a firearm or intentionally and by unlawful force inflicted great bodily harm.

Though this “Context” commenter continues to struggle against it, it is apparent to everyone else (including the King County Prosecutor’s Office) that this shooter provoked a confrontation, then intentionally shot someone with a firearm and inflicted great bodily harm. This will be an easy prosecution for assault 1.

More interesting to see is whether police will be able to dig up any intent to kill, either during interviews of the defendant and his associates or in his phone or social media communications. Certainly, the taped-up magazines lead one to suspect more to the story. We may end up seeing the charge upgraded to attempted to murder.


@33: typos, typos. I’m on my phone


@32 sick and sad and true and the man he shot was shot because that man ran TOWARD him when he got out of his car and prevented him from shooting others.


Perhaps the Nike store ought to consider hiring locals who have seen protests for their extra security rather than exurban gun nuts?


He said Fernandez was “operating out of fear”

Too bad be wasn't a cop.

His " I was operating out of fear" is right up there with "after I kneeled on his neck for 9 minutes he suddenly died of excited delirium for no reason" for free get out of jail cop cards after what for everyone else is either assault or murder.
That and the "law and order" guys on this blog would be arguing about how you can't expect a him to make split second decision like this" instead of arguing how he needs to spend the rest of his life locked in a filthy, state run cage.

I tell ya, where's the prosecutor's office and police union to give you a free pass when you need one.


Called it!

Further questions: why did he have an extra magazine taped to his handgun? Why did the line of police on Pine not react at all to his approach, and then gingerly bring him around the corner to arrest him? Why were his social media accounts scrubbed while in custody?

And watch the video again... there's a cop-looking guy standing on the corner curb with both hands raised. I'd bet good money that this guy was expecting Nikolas to show up!


Black Demonstrator Hailed A Hero After Being Shot By Deranged Driver While Protecting Protesters (The driver who shot Gregory exited his vehicle after firing his gun)

Gunman at Seattle protest claims he feared for his life. Others paint a different picture

1 wounded as gunman drives into Capitol Hill protest crowd, opens fire

Armed Attacker, Nikolas Fernández, Rams Seattle Black Lives Matter Protest, Demonstrator Wounded

As previously reported by International Business Times, video footage showed Fernandez speeding into a crowd protesting over the death of George Floyd in Seattle's Capitol Hill area before hitting a police barricade. As soon as the car came to a halt, a swarm of protesters surrounded the car and a 27-year-old male tried to disarm Fernandez when he was shot. Fernandez, 31, then emerged from the vehicle carrying a gun in one hand with an additional magazine taped to it and running into the crowd before turning himself in to the police.

Nikolas Fernandez has been identified as the man who drove his car into the Seattle protest and shot at someone who tried to stop him.


So, 31 year old who attended High School in Ballard doesn’t know how to get around Capitol Hill? He didn’t know where he was, yet he knew exactly where to go to turn himself into police? Sounds believable. Also where is this “one way street”? The closest one-way street I can think of is Union between 11th & 12th, which is several blocks away.


Longer video shows the mob attack:


I see the fascist scum have oozed onto this forum and are attempting to rationalize attempted mass murder. 1. He was not driving on a one-way street (that stretch of 11th is two way). 2. He had a large-capacity magazine; he was intending to to commit mass murder, he was not just carrying a sidearm for self-defense.


I see the fascist scum have oozed onto this forum and are attempting to rationalize attempted mass murder. 1. He was not driving on a one-way street (that stretch of 11th is two way). 2. He had a large-capacity magazine; he was intending to to commit mass murder, he was not just carrying a sidearm for self-defense.

In fact, the more I think of it, the lamer that “one-way street” excuse sounds. Suppose I was on a one-way street, and needed to turn around and go the wrong way on it to escape a mob. I would turn around and not give a flying fuck about the traffic code. If I got cited, I’d contest the ticket in court.


The allegations that Fernandez intended to kill or harm people in the crowd are baseless. There were so many people there, if he had intended to hit someone, he would have succeeded. He made no verbal threats, he appeared to be driving in a straight direction and the only reason he was confronted was that he stopped his car. As a large crowd descended on him, the large man that he shot was reaching inside his vehicle. He will never be convicted of felony assault. Maybe reckless endangerment. Maybe not. You don't get to create evidence that doesn't exist and you can't look into a man's eyes and determine his intent. That is of course unless that man (or woman) is wearing a Seattle Police uniform. In that case, he or she is always biased, always racist and undeserving of even a shred of respect. The fact that he turned himself in is significant. The fact that he has a relative who is a police officer is irrelevant. Many of you should sit in on a criminal trial someday and see how the real world works.


What a sham the Seattle justice system shows itself to be, in this case. And a relative of a cop? This is similar to the person just arrested in Albuquerque Old Town who shot someone - that person in critical condition in the hospital right now. The first thing that thug told the police: his brother is with a sheriff's office. You wouldn't believe the kid gloves that came out for that criminal. And this man deliberately drove his car towards a crowd of protesters just like Heather Heyer's murderer in Charlottesville now serving hundreds of years for 1st degree murder. While these characters post all the time on social media about murdering activists with their cars. Not only that, in this Seattle case, he had a gun already out and ready, as he tried to shoot to kill a man trying to stop his car. The judge doesn't know the meaning of malicious intent? "Oh, how LUCKY???" And from a cop's family, the "assailant" (vs attempted murderer) made a mere mistake? They expect us to believe this garbage? I'm amazed that a court down south in Virginia works better than northern blue state Seattle. Judge Ann Harper and the Karissa Taylor and the DA should be removed. This was attempted premeditated murder.


@55 @1 And yes, terrorism charges, too.


@55 @1 Agreed, domestic terrorism too.

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