No, geniuses, the cops never wanted their precinct to be burned down.

Well written, tbh.


A cop just turned the corner and shined his light on two raccoons walking up on me as I sit in my camping chair.

They walked onto a bench and then wandered off from whence they came.

Definite trap.


It’s almost as if the police were the aggressors all along. Who knew? Oh yeah, everyone.


Oh that mean old Mayor Jenny, reassuring people that adequate safety measures were in place in case they were needed. It's not like anyone has set any fires this past 10 days. Right?


Sie Verlassesn Den Amerikanishen Sektor.


Those Proud Boys and White Supremacists just don't seem to materialize as expected these days.


Based on this article,
Cops don’t have to worry about a thing.
Progressives will self-destruct.



Probably because they're too busy "protecting" hotbeds of Antifa insurrection like Snohomish...


"It was here that the conversation began to quickly unspool. The emcees—mostly Black men—began to take issue with Sawant’s politicking, saying that 50 percent isn’t 100 percent, pressing her about “what side she’s on.” Sawant said that she couldn’t provide a one-word answer for how to abolish police within a capitalist society, and argued that anyone who said they could was bullshitting."

Sawant being Sawant. It must be killing her she can't come up with a 1 word slogan for her cause.


I'm still waiting for Diaper Shitting in Shoreline to explain what an antifa looks like. How do you know when you've seen one? Do you excrete more shit into your diaper as a warning? And who changes your diaper? Questions upon questions...


Antifa terrorists? Seriously? Only in America are ANTI-FASCISTS considered terrorists, while the actual WHITE SUPREMACIST TERRORISTS get a pass. The stupidity is astounding.

As is every single person's obsession with the semantics of defunding the police instead of the reality of defunding the police. If people would take a moment and educate themselves on what it actually MEANS and looks like to DEFUND THE POLICE, we could actually get somewhere. But no, let's just run around screaming how insane everyone is for wanting to defund the police instead.

FFS does anyone actually think that the policing we have in this country is working? Militarized lynch mobs on steroids are not keeping people safe. The people who want to defund the police want there to be something different. It's not a difficult concept and it is far more nuanced and complex than taking away money from police so chaos can reign.


@16 someone described themselves as being against fascism?! I should hope so! We fought a World War about it. I am certainly against facism. Arent you? Is it time for a diaper check?


@12 Good God, how infuriating it must be for you to watch the protesters not burn the neighborhood down when the riot police just pack up and leave.

@13 To be fair, this one isn't really on Sawant, the whole police/prison abolition movement has the same difficulty. "Go read another 500 pages of academic prose, you are uninformed" is not an adequate response to "OK this all sounds pretty good but what will we do about repeat violent offenders?" So it's a good thing that we can at least do stuff like take away their dangerous toys, cut their allowances, and start putting them in time-out when they kill defenseless black people, without first ironing out all the practical details of full abolition.



Dwight D. Eisenhower and George Patton were Antifa. My father, who served under them in the European Theater, was Antifa. Only fascists oppose Antifa. I guess that includes you.


Where are all these non-capitalist countries that don't need police Kshama? Only ones I can think of are literally police states.
This is why nothing you say means anything. It's not based in reality just like Trump.


@19 I think the difference between those antifascists and the ones David is talking about is that the antifas he is thinking of are presumed guilty of criminal plots and schemes and intentions, and David is angry that they are not being punished for this presumed guilt.


@20 Yes, yes, of course, either a state is maximally capitalist with a police force equipped with and trained to use military equipment, or it is a fully Communist nation with policing handled directly by the military itself. There are no other examples of functioning, prosperous states.


@21 I dont think you can suss any logic out of someone who chooses to live in Shoreline


David you seem defensive. Is it the diaper?


David I'm sorry about what I said. Cheer up! There's great news - Trump is saying the 75 year old man who police knocked down in buffalo was an antifa. We got one David!!!!



Yeah, that nappy definitely needs changing, because once again, you're full of shit:


@5: I'm watching "Korea: The Never-Ending War" over lunch right now. I-5 as the demilitarized zone. Sawant can toss out the capitalist society and do as she pleases. Escape westward to free Seattle now before the mine fields are set up.

MacArthur lands in Madison Park when?


First off, good reporting here, thank you. But I must need to read up on the latest woke protocols, because I can't find a single thing wrong with Durkan's tweets as posted. I mean, I guess it would have been better if it had been timed better with the cops leaving the precinct? But wouldn't that have just reinforced the impression that she's aligned with the cops and not the protesters? And anyway, it's kind of a rapidly developing situation. Are you really going to get your panties in a bunch over a 5-hour delay?


@32 Self Defense! Self Defense!


"John Brown Gun Club" -- Now that is a good name. Much better than "Antifa". Yeah, I know, "Antifa" is short for "Antifascist", but that gets lost. As a result, ignorant rednecks think it is some sort of foreign thing, maybe even with Muslim roots. In contrast, John Brown Gun Club is fantastic. First of all, it is a gun club. Rednecks like gun clubs. Second, it based on John Brown. Ignorant fuckers don't even know who that is -- but they like the sound of John Brown, and might even vaguely remember the song. The only people who would object are Confederate assholes, which is the whole point. My guess is if there was a rumor that the John Brown Gun Club was going to march on Snohomish, very few locals would have got their panties in a bunch.



Yeah, with any luck they'll confuse "John Brown" with "John Birch"...


Stranger editors, please find out who @25 is and ban them for spamming the discussion board.


My hometown in Iowa totally lost its shit over some dumb rumor that "Antifa" was coming to town to loot. All the Davids in town were covering windows and posing with there guns. I quietly pointed out that Antifa isn't a thing, and politely refrained from pointing out that no one would go there to loot, because there was really nothing to loot. No one cares about that dumb town other than the people who live there.

And, of course, Antifa didn't show up, because it isn't a thing.


@32 -- Right, but at this point, it isn't clear what the driver intended to do, or even the nature of his driving. Maybe he was gearing up to drive through the crowd, but quick action by protesters stopped him. He claims he was simply confused and panicked, but there are plenty of other red flags (like, um, shooting someone). Why didn't the driver ask for directions, or ask people to get out of the way? It is possible that he really did intend to drive through the crowd, but quick thinking by protestors prevented it from happening. Or maybe his intent as never clear -- even to him. Maybe he has mental issues. The point being that while the reporting wasn't great -- things aren't as clear cut as originally suggested -- it was reasonable to assume they weren't that far off.


Come on 36, it's a bit of diversity, and who cares that the state just had to recover hundreds of millions in funds from shady Nigerians.

At least he's an herbal e-shaman, as opposed to the "kill the albinos and sell their body parts for spell ingredients" variety of e-shaman.

Really. It's a thing. If I remember correctly it's NATO that has to run albinoville because albinos are otherwise at great risk of being killed for spell ingredients.

Support our artists, bro.

Once upon a time a literal spellcasting African dude ended up in Seattle with his staff.

People would at times run from his spells, and God was that man angry at air planes.

He tried to 1v1 me once but I reflected his magic back to him.

He learned his lesson and never tested me again, for I am a more powerful wizard than he.


So, in the absence of a common enemy, the left is fracturing into groups and is getting ready to eat itself? Whoever said the SPD pullback was a trap was right, an incredibly diabolical trap.


Here's an on-going experiment in a different kind of policing, by the Kurds in Rojava:



Oh, we know the "nature of his driving". This footage was taken as he entered the intersection at 11th and E Pike - witnesses say he ran through a makeshift barrier set up at the intersection of 12th & E Pike just up the block before he turned onto 11th:


Here's another example of defunding the police:


I hope all these protesters are going to remember to vote in November.



Is "Antifa" in the room with you right now, David? What are they saying to you?


@46 Without Bernie on the ballot, I doubt many will. Especially with Biden too chicken-shit to even talk serious reform when asked about defunding the police, I doubt many in the of the Capital Hill crowd will see him as any better than Trump. Given a choice between a man who has been fucking the young and working class his whole career, versus the asshole who made the last four years suck is not really any choice.


So much for Sawant screaming in the new cameras that "these are unarmed protesters!" Really, overnight they seem to magically be armed to the teeth. They're even making traffic stops, armed. I'd like to drive through my own neighborhood without worrying some dumbass with gun is going to stop and question me. That's a recipe for disaster, but chaos rules so oh well.


Expanding on @47's useful post, there's a reason Alaska has been trying to reform the VPSO system for several decades now: lack of appropriate local law enforcement correlates with increased rates of crimes involving violence against women. See, e.g.,




Is there a live feed for FREE CAPITOL HILL ?

Really appreciate it if someone could pass on the URL



@54 I could have sworn that like five minutes ago the gun-fondlers were insisting that the reason we have a second amendment is so that citizens can fantasize about overthrowing a tyrannical government.

@56 Twitch has several to choose from, but for some reason they're listed in the cleavage category:

@57 Good God, you people are absolutely furious at the protestors for not burning down the neighborhood when the riot squad packed up and left, aren't you? Stay mad, guys.


Sarah has the presence of mind, as does the girl who called on everyone to stop politicizing this.

A little cat is stalking one of the raccoons through the neighborhood so it began climbing all over my house squeaking in distress.

Farewell, Nigerian prince.

We hardly knew ye.

By the way, I understand the candycane fairytale ideal that no one needs to go to jail/prison because they came up in such a manner that they have no desire to take from anyone, but I am sensing some real cognitive dissonance in Minneapolis RE: they just burned that shit to the ground and now want to get rid of all police. I saw the tire slashings, etc.

Aaaand I still have issues with white power fists.

My eyes are blue.


Either Durkan authorized police to launch an attack on medics treating protesters wounded by police, or she was powerless to stop the police from committing the ground-level equivalent of a war crime.

Either way, her political career as mayor is done and over. Durkan should do the honorable thing and resign, and allow in a mayor who will take control over an out-of-control Seattle Police Department.


Magic 8-Ball says: Mass Exodus.


An "Autonomous Zone" that is using City of Seattle water, electricity, sewer, garbage collection...


Ah, THUGGEE Kshama Sawant endorsed this, eh? Great, now Seattle can be like all other Islamic enclaves and have no-go zones, eh?


$58 no, the 2nd amendment is to DEFEND yourself from a tyrannical government, not to OVERTHROW the government. Otherwise, hate to break it to you, but you're defending the Confederacy.


@58 and 9 unarmed black deaths and 19 unarmed white deaths out of 330 million+ citizens is not tyranny.


@52 CAIR is also HQ'd in Seattle. There's no surprise they're armed.


@46 Ummmmm.. king county has always been blue. So... nothing different is going to happen. If anything, my vote for Trump is going to be pretty useless in King County's tally, but fortunately, the cities don't rule the entire country, so I can thank the balances of the electoral college. Trump 2020


@37 "Antifa isn't a thing"
oof, that's some cognitive dissonance. Antifa is the American-based Intifada.


@15 and there you go, calling people 'white supremacists' and then complaining when people call you terrorists. I've never met a white supremacist, and it isn't 'systemic'. You guys have been mislabeling people as Nazis for 4+ years, even Godwin is sick of it, but "Oh don't dare think we're a collective organization using the exact same AntiFa label". You aren't anti-fascist in your actions or your demands, so you're essentially like a serial killer trying to claim naming himself "Peaceful Pete" can be absolved by just pulling up the dictionary definition of "peaceful". Or like that cult that calls itself a "Religion of Peace" despite having a massive body count every year - whom you guys are attached at the zipper to. You guys have conflated "white people who are Nationalists" into "White Nationalists" and then tried to conflate "Nationalist" with "National Socialist German Worker's Party", a group that was around for about 10 years in an entirely different country. You are so deluded, misguided and insane, and to top it off, Seattle has some of the most assistance for mental health, so it just proves that "More mental health assistance leads to more mental unstable citizens"


In regards to #57 MrB: You nailed it!!! Your comparison to 'Animal Farm' and the Arab revolt scene from 'Lawrence of Arabia' perfectly encapsulates the current insanity in Capitol Hill, too bad your comparisons fall on deaf ears, as I seriously doubt anyone involved in the "Free Capitol Hill" jackassery is conversant with either of your examples. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana


Here's my opinion on your demands. Look at it as positive feedback.
1. NO, Reform
2. If all obey the law, then YES
3. NO
4. YES
5. If commensurable then YES
6. YES, Across the land and in all public service!
7. Undecided, tending towards selective cases but regular jury selection.
8. Emphatically NO!
9. YES
10. NO
11. HELL NO.
12. End proprietorial immunity for everyone in our justice system, then YES!
13. HELL NO!!! You're crazy!!!
14. NO! That's a joke.
15. A militia, can all play "police" as long as you obey our laws and don't behave like brownshirts.
16. Ban asset forfeiture!!! YES, YES, YES. and YES!
17. We all do, YES.
18. Public record YES, but they still must wear them, because we still need them.
19. NO, You're crazy again.


NO, More crazy talk.
Within reason as city beautification, then YES, BUT STOP TAGGING EVERYTHING!!!
HELL NO!!! Earn it like the rest of us, when it's free it's not valued, and it's unfair.
NO, How about taking them all in where they can be safe, it'd be a beautiful gesture.
NO, Require physical voter ID, as we don't want the Russians to steal another election.


NO to segregation!!!


Okay, depends on what's actually taught.
I don't like the Confederacy, at all, but let's be careful not to erase history, and there's a Lenin statue in Fremont you know.

Don't dismiss this out of hand, as it's not at all unreasonable.

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