A protester being hit by a flash grenade—or some other kind of explosive—thrown by SPD on Sunday, June 7, and then crumpling to the street.
A protester being hit by a flash grenade—or some other kind of explosive—thrown by SPD on Sunday, June 7. Screenshots from video by Chase Burns

If you watched The Stranger's live protest coverage on Sunday night—or read that harrowing Reddit post that's been making the rounds—you're probably wondering about the protester who was hit by some kind of explosive thrown by SPD on Sunday night.

Video of the incident is at the bottom of this post. You can watch it from a different angle over here (at the 42:50 mark).

As a volunteer medic who rushed to help her right after she crumpled to the street, using a cot as a makeshift stretcher, describes on Reddit what happened next:

The police threw at least two, and possibly as many as four flash bang grenades inside of the small area of our first aid center while we were trying to retreat.

With the help of other protesters, we carried the cot for several blocks trying to get out of the way of the police onslaught and to a place where we could treat her safely.

Shortly after we managed to find a place where we felt safe enough to treat her, she stopped responding and we lost her pulse.

We initiated CPR and after a minute or two she gasped for breath and became responsive for a short time. That cycle repeated itself more than half a dozen times in the following 15-20 minutes.

We called 911 immediately after the first time we lost her pulse and were informed after some time that an ambulance was not able to reach us.

You can watch the incident here (the second video down):

All day long yesterday, I tried to track down anyone who witnessed this event, or anyone who tried to help her, but I'm pretty sure everyone was sleeping after a very long night.

Today brings the happy news that the protester in question survived the ordeal.

"She is in stable condition but in a lot of pain. She said that it feels like her ribs are broken," this GoFundMe page says.

She needs help with medical expenses. She also needs help find a black Patagonia backpack of hers that did not make it to the hospital with her.