Calling Jenny Durkan. Jenny? You there? You ok with this? Trying to figure out how to thread the needle between supporting your shock troops and showing meaningless 'compassion' to your constituents? Get that PR team working Mayor Durkan. You could be in danger of losing legitimacy.


Police are going to ridiculous extremes in attempts to justify using violence against protesters


@5 There's no way anyone will ever be able to figure out whether or not you have a point somewhere in there.

If you have something to say, just state it clearly and concisely. There's no need to cut and paste every quote from the article into your comment, it does nothing but make you look like you're somewhere on the Autism spectrum. Anyone reading your comment has also read the post, and can easily refer back to it if necessary.


Just going by the video here and personal experience. Shrapnel is usually the most serious injury of a stun grenade - or at least of those 25 years ago, but the projectile may have hit her in the chest doing more damage than the noise and light show. It can be enough of a shock to trigger heart issues and she will need to get extensively checked out if any of the report is true. Loss of pulse if true is the scariest part of this. I got the 30 minute training once yet I sometimes can't find my own pulse :)


@7 It is not possible to carefully read that which has not been carefully written.

Every newspaper in the world runs quotes from secondary sources. There is no web page an editor can go to to look up the Real Truth of an event, and sort sources accordingly. All you are ever going to have are different people with different perspectives relaying their individual perceptions of the same event.

If you have other sources whose accounts differ, just say so and link to them.

You are not the final arbiter of which sources are credible. Each reader can and will make their own assessments of that, and they will likely discount your own judgements if you appear to have a strong bias for a particular version of events.


@11 and @12

Imagine how history would have turned out if people took your position during civil rights or womens sufferage or on Stonewall.

"Just stay home so you don't get hurt"

Then again, you would be the only race and sex able to vote or live in peace, which I'm betting is your preference. So bad example.


Doesn't Soros help out with the bills for his useful idiots?

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