Theyll have to ask the people.
They'll have to ask the people. RS

Brandi Kruse Reports That the SPD Wants to Return to East Precinct: Kruse, who is the host Q13FOX's "The Divide," also reported (or tweeted) that Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette is challenging the authority of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. What this challenge is placing in the future is the necessity of a hot confrontation between the SPD and the people of CHAZ.

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Attorney General Bob Ferguson Is Demanding Police Accountability: AG Bob Ferguson released the following statement about the investigation of the death of Tacoma's Manuel Ellis, who was killed while in police custody on March 3.

Bob Ferguson:

In 2018, Washingtonians overwhelmingly passed Initiative 940 with nearly 60 percent of the vote. The new law requires that completely independent agencies investigate law enforcement’s use of deadly force... It is my understanding that the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office did not comply with the requirements of I-940. For example, I learned late yesterday that Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies were present at the scene when Manuel Ellis was detained and died. It is disturbing that the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office is only now, after more than three months, revealing its involvement. To be blunt, the result is a totally unnecessary delay in the investigation of this case. Ultimately, Pierce County must answer for its failure to comply with I-940, issue an apology to the Ellis family, and immediately implement reforms to ensure investigations comply with the law.

This demand is actually consistent with the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement and also those of George Floyd's brother, Philonise Floyd, who spoke to a house committee today, June 10.

From day one, Philonise Floyd has made one clear demand: He wants an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He wants complete justice for his brother's murder before the law. Meaning, he wants those who killed George Floyd to receive the death penalty. “These officers, they need to be arrested right now," he said in a CNN interview on May 28, "the people want justice right now … they need to be convicted and get the death penalty." This demand for capital punishment might rub white liberals the wrong way, but Philonise Floyd is, after all, a Texan.

This, for the most part, has been the BLM program: equality before the law. Reverend Al Sharpton stressed this point during his "eulogy at George Floyd’s funeral service sermon." And it is this understanding that has finally reached the opinion of the mainstream. Only 24% of Americans are plainly opposed to the BLM movement.

The demand for defunding the police (which I support) might not actually be a part of this program, but those of other movements sympathetic with BLM. The same goes for the project of taxing Amazon—it's not what BLM is about. Structural economic change is not the same as demanding a commitment by the state to play by the rules. As Al Sharpton put it, "A white life must be equal to a black life." At present, it clearly is not.

NASCAR's New Ban Shows There Has Been a Massive Cultural Shift In the US: Cars racing in circles is, I hear, a sport. It's also very American, very much about the flag and fallen heroes. This "USA, USA" institution announced a ban on the Confederate flag from events. This will have an important impact, for sure. It means a massive reduction in mainstream events available for white supremacists to go hog wild.

Trump By the Numbers:

Support The Stranger

Trump is legally demanding an apology from CNN: for conducting a poll that showed he is a whopping 14 points behind the Biden. What can we make of this apparent big waste of time? Trump knows such a demand will fail. His lawyers know that too. But why make it if it is not going to go anywhere? Because he is signalling to his base that he is in deep trouble. What the US must realize, and prepare for, is that Trump is the kind of scoundrel who will encourage his supporters to die for him. This is why he is so desperate to get the rallies up and running. He needs to pump and pump this message (die for me if the worse happens) to the white base of the GOP.

Meanwhile: The Washington GOP has something or other to say.

If only such ideas where thin and long. They would then be usefully for removing bits of food stuck between the teeth.

Lastly: Twitter wants you to read what the content of tweets before you retweet them. That makes perfect sense. Twitter and CNN are making moves that separate them from Facebook.

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