Our Police Are Civil Servants and Guardians, Not Warriors



Here are a few other things you can do right away:

Bring Back Baby Blues

Police officers used to dress like civil servants, not like special ops teams. Get rid of the black uniforms and bring back the pastels.

Scrap The Battlewagons

Sell off the SUV patrol "cars" and replace them with efficient compact hybrids. And again, paint them in bright friendly colors, not this all-black intimidation nonsense. This goes for those aggro muscle car "pursuit" vehicles, too.

Walk Every Block

Once a year, set aside a month where the PD will patrol every inch of every street in their jurisdiction, on foot, at least once.


and make cops live where they work. no exceptions.


What about police recruitment, senators?


@3 You have a suggestion, raindrop?

Maybe reconsider whether applicants recently discharged from the military should be considered suitable candidates for civilian law enforcement?

Perhaps give more weight to college graduates with degrees in the humanities?

What did you have in mind, exactly?


Wire those cops up like astronauts. Sound, video, sensor telemetry, vital signs, communications, everything recorded all the time. The truth is out there. Don't let them write their own.


@4: Not really. I have no idea how all this will unfold.


@6 To what end? The data to date don't show any conclusive reduction in police violence when body cameras are worn (and turned on).

Or were you thinking of like implanting a bunch of electrodes and administering a shock every time the "beat black people" region of the brain lights up?


@7 Wow. So your comment was literally "Whatabout recruitment" and nothing else? I'm not even mad, that's amazing.


@2 - WA state law will have to be changed first.