Residents of CHAZ Respond to the President



The Right Wing propaganda machine is in full on overdrive! Seattle must be doing something right.


CHAZZ'S housing the
neighborhood homeless


now why didn't the cops think a' that?


Bite it, Donald!
@2 and yeah, I've gotten inquiries on Facebook from out of town friends about our mini Soviet of Capitol Hill.
Seattle hasn't had this much national attention since the Hawks blew the Super Bowl!


@deuce -- Since when isn’t a little
corporate/state sponsored stochastic
terrorism a Herzlich Willkommen? They
Play for Keepsies. Does CHAZZ have security
or better yet, excellent video surveillance (can it
see thru smoke)? How much is Admission?


Speaking of trumpf and his threats to CHAZZ/Seattle/Democracy:

"Gen. Mark A. Milley, the top military official in the United States, apologized for his role in President Trump’s walk across Lafayette Square after the authorities used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear peaceful protesters."

From "Milley Apologizes for Role in Trump Photo Op: ‘I Should Not Have Been There’"

"President Trump’s walk across Lafayette Square, current and former military leaders say, has started a moment of reckoning in the military.

During his speech on Thursday, General Milley, after expressing his disgust over the video of the killing of Mr. Floyd, spoke at length about the issue of race, both in the military and in civilian society.

'The protests that have ensued not only speak to his killing, but also to the centuries of injustice toward African-Americans,' General Milley said. 'What we are seeing is the long shadow of our original sin in Jamestown 401 years ago, liberated by the Civil War, but not equal in the eyes of the law until 100 years later in 1965.'

He called on the military to address issues of systemic racism in the armed forces, where 43 percent of the enlisted troops are people of color, but only a tiny handful are in the ranks of senior leadership."

Excellent. Someone with the Balls to stand up to Fake 'prez.'

trumpfy'll prolly try to have him shot
mind the ricochet, Eric /Donny jr !!
Don't wanna nick a donor!


CHAZ: A place where a bunch of mostly White people deprive the rest of the City the use of a neighborhood.


What gets me is the person who set those five police cars on fire was not a young black man.

It was a white woman.

From Tacoma.


If everyone is OK with no police, then go for it. If you want to set up a commune and everyone there is OK with it, fine. Maybe this could happen all over the country, with communes like CHAZ set up in parts of every city. Who needs police, or government or services like trash collection, running water, lighting, sewer services, electricity, cell service? If you can get others to donate to your cause to support your commune, go for it. If you have created utopia, where no one in the commune has to work and food, housing, entertainment and everything else in life is free, how do you keep the place from being overrun by, let's say, 10,000,000 refugees?Maybe have a backup plan in case the commune doesn't work out. With no one working and everyone living off of donations, the good times will soon come to an end. It's not "sustainable," as they say.


@9: you got proof of that?

by the by, kiddies, i live just a hop, skip and away from the CHAZ, and am a bit puzzled about the six-block radius. from what i can tell, it's just East Pine Street blocked off between 11th and 12th avenue. can someone enlighten me on this. thenk yew.


This is what the "justified" shooting of a 16 yr. Old Latino looks like. Funny he's not getting much aknowledgement from these protestors.



"With no one working and everyone living off of donations, the good times will soon come to an end. It's not 'sustainable,' as they say." --@'prince' butthole

You're referring to the Republican controlled USSenate, obviously, setting atop a virtual Mountain of House of Representatives-passed Bills that will go NO where as long as Moscow Mitch is controlling OUR Congress.

But you're correct -- it cannot be sustainable and yet the Roberts Court only continues to encourage massive Donations to those who would make OUR Laws.

When we say
'We, the People'

they say

how Much
you Worth?


@7 You know, if you want to use the neighborhood around the East Precinct, all you have to do is walk in there and have at it. Businesses are open and doing better than ever.

I realize it might be frightening if someone offers you a tofu dog, but just remember to raise your hands and disengage, they won't throw chunks of concrete at you if you haven't done anything wrong.


@14: Those tofu dogs need lots of mustard, right?


"taunted and played at a level our great Country has never seen before"

Somebody should buy Trump a mirror.


We're ALL going to have a good laugh at Trump and his supporters real soon.

In the meantime, keep it going Seattle! You've got the trolls and old crusty haters all riled up.


Sad to see my once beautiful city turned into a shit hole. These spoiled rotten children are mentally stunted, playing an imaginary game in their own heads like a 5 year old plays dress up and the city leaders give them a trophy for participating.


This is the best possible tribute that could be played to the heritage of the Seattle General Strike of 1919! The Chaz embodies its spirit and shows that the world the General Strike was called to fight for can still be made.


@24: Yeah-like we don't know what everybody who identifies with the number "88" is about.


@22: Indeed-BLM doesn't oppress anyone-least of all, YOU, Atriums.


And the CHAZ is in support of BLM. It wouldn't do BLM or any people of color any good if the cops moved in and crushed the CHAZ. No one but racists and reactionaries would benefit from that or celebrate it.