CHOP/CHAZ Jun 12, 2020 at 1:00 am

"This is not Capitol Hill Block Party. Don't forget what happened a week ago."



Your reporting has been thrilling--so determined. I salute you.


Enjoy the festival while it lasts kiddos.


Oh Tucker, CHAZ is not in downtown Seattle.

Tucker: The world welcomes its newest country


Pop goes the Weasel 'cause the Weasel goes pop.


@7 How infuriating it must be to you that the protesters didn't burn the neighborhood down when the riot squad packed up and left.

Why should we believe your new predictions when your last ones were so completely wrong?


@9 Repeating lies cooked up by right-wing bloggers doesn't make them true.


Its cool how this can be both completely trivial and a dire threat to civilization at the same time.

We live in an age of wonders.


I can't help but think that this is because we have a housing crisis in SEA. So the two issues of police brutality and affordable housing are merging in the CHAZ tent city.


How many people do you think are there? Not comers and goers, but actual 'occupiers'? 500? 1,000? Somewhere in between? Statistically significant? Just curious.


I wonder when trumpfy's gonna come Storm The Barricades (alone if necessary!) to restore Truth*Justice and the American Way (he's not really gonna re-Legalize Slavery, is he?) (Moscow McMitch is def On Board).

He's def Made America Grieve Again
Gotta give 'im that one.

*ha! that's a good one!


@13 The hits just keep on coming!


@15 Seems the simplest way to get a sense of that would be to just go there yourself and wander around for 15 minutes.

Once you're there, if you're unsure how to distinguish the curiosity-seekers from the Real Protesters, a good rule of thumb is the ones you see who you feel you can relate to are in the same category you've put yourself in.


@19 I have been there, on Wednesday. Looked like the UD Street Fair: Lots of people mulling around, but when everyone leaves all you're left with is a few Ave Rats. Thus my question.


@16 Distancing, sure, but protesters throughout the uprising have been rather enthusiastic about wearing masks, haven't they? And very consistent about keeping their gatherings outdoors, too.


@19: Which group felt they could relate to you?


@20 Ah, so you were merely asking a rhetorical question to suggest there aren't many Real Protesters? Sounds like you already have at least as much empirical evidence as any reporter could collect about how many Genuine Political Activists are hiding amongst the lookie-loos.


@22 I have no idea, I can't read minds.

Keep working it over, raindrop, I think you can discover my point if you really put the effort in this time.


@24 I guess you're the question police on this comment thread board. Good job. Hope your self worth levels are up today.


@25 I notice you failed to provide a Journalistic Credibility Analysis of this article:

Perhaps you missed it?


@26 Thought so.

This is Seattle, we're real good at detecting passive-aggression here. Not so comfortable when we're called out for it ourselves, of course, but that's understandable.


@28 Yeah, not so smug when your own narrative gets the treatment, are you.


@31 And you still haven't learned when to quit, have you? You overplay your hand every damned time.


of all the accusations of journalistic malfeasance at the stranger over the years -- burying critical stories about their sponsors, bad faith puff pieces about fascist agitators, that time dan savage licked doorknobs at the iowa caucuses -- interchanging "tear gas" and "pepper spray" is downright adorable


I cannot decide between getting pepper sprayed or teargassed -- which is better (from Novel Coronavirus's point of view)?


@Context -- thanks!

From the brilliant Tom Tomorrow’s
'Transition to Greatness’ ‘toon, over at the Nib:

Panel 3. “An Important Distinction:

[trump Personal Attn’y/ usag, Bill Barr]:

”Sir! The Media claims we cleared protesters away from your Photo Op with Rubber Bullets, Flash Bangs, and TEAR GAS – when in fact we used Rubber Bullets, Flash Bangs and PEPPER BALLS containing an Eye Irritant!

[fake ‘prez’ trumpf]: “FAKE NEWS! I DEMAND a RETRACTION!”

See the whole dang thing at:



Bullshit! Chase's absent minded conflation of two common and interchangeably used words is going to go down alongside The New York Times' faulty reporting of Iraq's weapons program, and Rupert Murdoch's hacking the phones of government officials as one of the great media scandals in modern history! And we should all be bowing down at the feet of the great contextualizing commenter for his relentless and dogged investigation of this catastrophic scandal!


I don’t think anyone is defending the stranger so much as puzzling over someone giving this many fucks about something that doesn’t matter



You can await a response from them all you like, though you're not going to get one. They're currently a staff of like half a dozen people covering the two biggest national stories of the past half-century, both of which have substantive local angles. As such, you're likely to notice occasional typos and even some factual errors. Also, if Chase were deliberately misrepresenting here as you're implying, why the hell would he have linked to the video you used to call him out on it?

I don't fault you for fact checking them. Personally, I've got what feel like better things to do with my time, but to each their own. They've fucked up in the past and almost certainly will in the future. But these smoking guns you keep uncovering have been petty and inconsequential, which is why you won't be receiving these responses from them that you demand.


Ha. Took blip a sentence to summarize what took me two paragraphs.


And while it's nice that she uses the appropriate terminology in her interview, this most certainly does not indicate "awareness of the fabrication."


No one is going back and correcting a freaking blog post that was only technically wrong and was apparently self-corrected by the source material that accompanied it based on your own breathless sleuthing. I suggest you light a candle or pour one out or whatever puts your soul at ease and then maybe find something real to care about because alas you will never get the resolution you seek #justiceforteargas #pepperspraytruthersunite


it’s cute that you think my comments dragging you for being completely insane constitute a defense of the stranger but it’s even cuter that you were a registered commenter during the herzog years and are just now coming around to questioning slog’s journalistic standards


Only a bunch of white self-loathing hypocrite liberals would choose the acronym CHAZ


So it IS CHBP.

Thanks for the clarification.

From the pics on Fox I thought it was Chicago on fire.


@53 I think you are ignoring the forest for the trees...or rather, ignoring the Amazon rainforest for the twig that fell down to the forest floor.


I was just there walking my dog and visiting my ex husband. Nobody asked me for ID. I asked the bagel shop if anyone had shaken down them for money and they laughed at me and told me to stop watching Fox news (which I don't) I didn't see anyone with guns, although, it is legal to open carry in Washington, so that's not any different outside the Chaz. basically everything the yokels have been lead to believe is wrong as I observed. I didn't go when the police where there because while I support BLM I didn't want to get gassed, certainly not with my dog. It's safer now.


I am the only one who wonders if some -- not all -- of the Capital Hill protest is a glaring example of White Privilege? When I hear that the protesters want to turn the precinct into a community center, I wonder why does the Capital Hill neighborhood need a community center.

There is a sense of White Privilege to be able to take over a couple of city blocks. If it happened in the Rainier Valley or White Center would the result have been the same? If the group was composed on mainly people of color would the result be the same?

Isn't this protest diverting funds from the neighborhoods that truly are in need? Isn't it a bit of a vanity project. It's a 13 million property. Those resources should be going to our neediest neighborhoods.

It's nice that people are getting along and are peaceful. But are they advocating for concrete programs for those with the most need or for a cool, progressive space for the people of Capital Hill?


@ Context, the incident happens around 1:10 but the quote I'm referencing happens around 1:55. You just needed to listen a little longer.


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@52: Only for you "Atriums". Only for you. Because CHAZ likes you just the way you are!


@17 Trump clearly thinks Slavery/Jim Crow are "The American Way"-that is what everyone who supports "states rights" thinks-"states rights" never meant anything OTHER than "Them Yankees had no right t'pass those dadblamed Civil Rights and Votin' Rights Acts, so we're gonna keep on fightin' til get get the 1850s back!!!"

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