Slog PM: Marches Draw Thousands, Judge Orders City to Stop Using Tear Gas, Fire Station 6 Transferred to Africatown



In Minneapolis, Max Robespierre, a prominent local lawyer, was appointed to head the community-led Committee of Public Safety.


The silent march crossed McClelland and 23rd Ave going south at 2:30pm, and was still crossing until just after 4:30pm, 2 hours later. The marchers were 4 to 6 people deep the entire 2 hours.


The thing to remember about criminal justice reform is that almost all higher culture is based on cruelty. I think Kevin Kline said that in a movie . . .


Well then they're
owed Compensation

where shall they Spend it?


"... Seattle Police Department 'used excessive force and violated the free-speech rights of thousands of protesters... '"

That's who decides where the
Settlement mentioned in @4 goes.
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"Ahh, don't you love waking up [to] the smell of corporate 'activism' in the morning?"

the woke wakening America.
it has a nice ring to it

nuthin' Personal
it's just Capitalism

[does it GOTTA BE that way?].
Must Shareholder Value
trump EVERY-
THING else?


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@1 -- Robespierre -- a relative?
easy to see the resemblance.

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De"'fund" Police? I really think it's time to consider DISBANDING the Police.

Most 911 calls are for issues that police are NOT trained for.
They receive LESS training than your average hair stylist or barber.
They are demonstrably racist. Oh, and they hate demonstrators too, as a general rule.
37% of police deaths are from self-inflicted driving accidents.
They repeatedly KILL people in extrajudicial executions.. and regularly get away with it.
They apply laws inconsistently, against those they don't like the most (eg. homeless, POC, the poor, women).
They have been of little to no help in uncountable domestic violence and/or sexual assault & rape cases.
....and the list goes on. And on. And on.. ad nauseum.

They really aren't acting as advocates of people with less power, which is what you'd think they are supposed to do when they claim they "SERVE & PROTECT".
Maybe they forgot to add "THE RICH & THE MEN" to that phrase. Minor oversight, surely.

Do we really need a bunch of quasi-military people, acting like they are in a gang, walking around, armed with deadly firepower, and being obviously biased?

Is this helping society?


@9 Max is part of original the Philadelphia Robespierre's, on the Main Line.


@6 -- from: "Target, Don’t Tell Me You ‘Stand With Black Families’

My autistic son tried to hug an employee. Did you really need a police officer on the scene?" --by Doreen Oliver

"Today, companies are tripping over themselves to act as if they actually care about inequality and social justice for African-Americans.

Why did it have to take burning stores and the prospect of financial distress for these businesses to start treating black people -- or disabled people, or children, for God’s sake -- with humanity?"

More at:


If you cannot trust your Sources
whom CAN you trust?

Context as Ombudsman/
facts-checker. Hmmm.


Points for the Robespierre reference.


1% of 60,000 = 600.
600 X 5% fatality rate= 30. *

*5% fatality rate derived from US observed cases / fatality rate as reported by John Hopkins University.


@16 -- Perhaps:

From the New York Times:

From Cosmetics to NASCAR, Calls for Racial Justice Are Spreading

What started as a renewed push for police reform has now touched seemingly every aspect of American life.

The reckonings have been swift and dizzying.

On Monday, it was the dictionary, with Merriam-Webster saying it was revising its entry on racism to illustrate the ways in which it “can be systemic.”

On Tuesday, the University of Washington removed the coach of its dance team after the only two black members of the group were cut. The two women were invited to return.

On Wednesday, after a black racecar driver called on NASCAR to ban the Confederate battle flag from its events, the organization did just that.

On Thursday, Nike joined a wave of American companies that have made Juneteenth, which celebrates the end of slavery in America, an official paid holiday, “to better commemorate and celebrate Black history and culture.”

And on Friday, ABC Entertainment named the franchise’s first black man to star in “The Bachelor” in the show’s 18-year history, acceding to longstanding demands from fans.

By Amy Harmon, Apoorva Mandavilli, Sapna Maheshwari and Jodi Kantor
June 13, 2020

More at:

Can you say Sea Change?

Gonna be a Reckoning, young Fascist.
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