The No Cop Co-op is growing each day. Soon we wont be able to get into our office.
The No Cop Co-op is growing around the block. Chase Burns

The No Cop Co-op in the middle of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is growing each day. Originally a small stand, it now stretches down and around the block on 11th and Pine. Its friendly caretakers offer bottled water, bok choy, fresh eggs, batteries, sundries, pet supplies, etc, etc, etc. It's getting huge. Look:

The Co-op offers everything to the community for free. It's funded by donations, but they don't accept cash donations of any kind. They will, however, accept pizza deliveries.


If you're headed down to the CHAZ to engage, you should bring supplies. Here's a list of what they're looking for right now:

The Co-op emphasized to me that they really need Gatorade, because people apparently can't get enough of it.

Over on the other side of CHAZ on the Bobby Morris Playfield, the donation station let me know that what they really need are mats for people to sleep on.

Bring the matts!
Bring the mats!

So bring your sleeping pads! We know you have camping equipment, Seattle!

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UPDATE: Future Crystals listed some needs for the donation station here (swipe to the right):

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Here is our new kitchen/donation drop off tent. It is located on the north end of the turf field in cal Anderson. Also here is a list of a few things we need right now. Is there anything you can think of we should get? Leave a comment! We are working on building a mental health tent as well. There is also a garbage recycling and compost tent we have built. + hand washing station. We would like to build a lunch area too and a lost and found tent maybe a charging station tent? What other stations would you like to see built. I wear talking to a couple people from the lawyers guild so maybe we could help them build one too hopefully some de escalation tent and some security out posts. If you would like to help out and can not drop off things physically we are accepting money via Venmo @tracy-rector-art via PayPal and cashapp is $2futurecrystals2 we have an entire team dedicated to helping the cause and many more willing to support. All support is needed and we appreciate each and every one of you. -chai

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