Supreme Court Hands Trump a Major Defeat In His Long War Against Sanctuary Cities



"The U.S. Constitution does not block the way for this possibility."

But the Washington State Constitution does.


Progressives have an amazing talent for pushing past necessary and popular proposals that will immediately improve many lives and proceeding directly to ambitious, unvetted ones that are doomed to failure. Easy wins and low-hanging fruit are immediately discarded or ignored in favor of policy goals that have had little-to-no exposure to the broader public, which understandably spooks people and dooms the entire enterprise while failing to improve anything. Can you muster a little patience and work to build a lasting consensus instead of lurching right past victories so you can absorb yet more defeats? Do you even recognize when you've won a round? Jesus Christ.


“With all of that out of the way, Seattle should take the radical step and seriously consider a proposal by the former mayor Mike McGinn: give voting rights to the undocumented.”

Why on earth would someone who is undocumented willingly give the government their contact information to go a list titled “Undocumented Voters”, policy or no policy?

And what @2 about increasing the turnout for those who are already registered? That alone would help immensely.


@3, if ones aim is increasing turnout, talking about letting undocumented people vote is probably a good way to get the MAGA hat crowd out to the polls, and not just locally, it would probably get national press.
Note that there is a difference between not suppressing the vote of people one doesn't agree with and writing their campaign ads for them. I imagine there are some people who would never ever vote for a Democrat, but realize Trump is an asshole, sure he is their parties asshole, but still an asshole and not really worth getting off the couch and going to the polls, but if you give them a "good enough" reason they might just put in the effort.

I'm guessing that someone like Steve Bannon has hacked Charles' e-mail account (or however it is he submits articles)