So Are Cops Invited to the Capitol Hill Pride March on June 27?



In uniform?

Or armed to the teeth to continue attacks on the citizens?

I'd recommend just walking in the parade, not in uniform.


I have no problem with the "demands", except for #1: "An immediate removal of barricades on Pine St. by police on public streets as a violation of civil rights." I would think that the barriers are there to protect the people in the CHAZ/CHOP/ETC from violent weirdos with cars, but I admittedly don't have much first hand knowledge.

And I'd bet the farm that there's not going to be any conservative groups retaliating on July 4th. They're mostly phallically challenged middle-aged white men (and their inbred offspring). What I would worry about is the random weirdo who might welcome the removal of barricades.


Wow how cool, let's pretend there's no global pandemic.

How many fucking happy pills does this take?


You lost me at Charlette. The community itself has next to no support for her and the bullshit she's pulled over the years. I see alternative motives written all over this for her.


"Che Taylor"

There has been one or two inquiries about Che Taylor. Whether he was disobeying or obeying police instructions, he was carrying a firearm, or it fell to the floor when he was shot. I read plenty about the inquiry, and there is nothing new that will be shown in either a grand jury investigation or if King County DA's office indict the officers staking out the apartment that was known for drug dealing.

I realize that Che Taylor had family that loved him, the NAACP stated the shooting was similar to a lynching, but he was shot dead, he was facing years back in prison for even being arrested. I don't see trying to revise this case is going to solve anything.


Why deny the LGBTQ cops in SPD from the honor of pridefully escorting their brothers and sisters? We should at least show a token of magnanimous outreach as we've done in the past.



Well, to be fair most of the country has been pretending that from the very beginning, so...


Yeah, I mean, I was going to compare you guys to the pool party in Missouri, but I held off and you went and did that for me.

It looks like the infection rate is ~1% for the responsible ones who went and got tested, but that's not who I am worried about.

Pretty young little thing in the cafe today, tatted arms, didn't look to eat meat.

Her torso moving in ways it shouldn't.

A very mild case.

But yes, count. Everyone else is getting sick too.

That helps.


That "Summer of love" line registered as sarcasm, for anyone incapable of following the double negative.

But what are you going to do.


Hey look, Ilhan Omar's dad is dead.

I know you've seen her on TV. I know she's told you what to think.

But hey, there's an insurrection and you don't believe in science.

Fly the fuck on over while you're at it.


Keep in mind #1 demand was made on June 6th and refers to the removal of the police's barricade on Pine and dnot the removal of CHOP barricades.


As for mine, he isn't dead of this shit because he died the April Fool's Day before last due to complications from Bacterial Meningitis, which comes from needle use.

I wouldn't have wanted him to have clean needles. I wouldn't have wanted him to have social workers to use. Had my aunt fessed up before he was dead, I'd have approached a cop and made a deal to have him arrested.

Can't shoot up in jail. Would be cheaper than the trips in and out of the hospital because he's smoking fake meth and bleeding internally.

Dan's wet dream, his event horizon, is near.

He doesn't have to lift a finger. They'll do it for him.

Not just a gay party, a gay party that actively destroys the future.



I would like to point out I've already had a decade experience of shutting down streets, putting up street barricades and scheduling speakers and artists while non-profits and restaurants extend into the street. It was called the Capitol Hill Pride Festival.
I actually hope Broadway will shut down their street and join CHAZ for Pride weekend.