Trader Joe's Says Capitol Hill Location Shut Down Because of Construction, Not Protests



They have probably hired the crew that was working on the Cinerama remod.


Oh yeah David, it's like a post-apocalyptic hellscape down here in the big scary city. I think it's time that Shoreline got its own big beautiful wall!


it’s been over a decade since i was last in Seattle so i can’t speak to capitol hill’s recent, pre-autonomous state but the belief that it devolved into a favela because some hippies blocked off the streets is pretty fucking funny


Paid time off for social justice work? I don’t think they’ll find a better gig than that.


@5 you realize the voter registration and politics in Shoreline are more like Seattle than they are yours.


@3 and @4, Your right, currently. I would wager that with all the campers rats are becoming a problem and with the homeless street camping junkies slowly moving in the enthusiasm of occupying 6 blocks of public and private property will cool considerably. Has everyone forgotten Occupy Wall Street?


TJ130 is a scam. Far-Rigth propaganda machine harassing the Seattle people's government.


I'm almost afraid to ask, but has there been any updates on this?
I'd love to return to shopping at Trader Joe's (they were a staple store for me) but not if they're going to trampling on people's First Amendment rights