Slog PM: Seattle City Council Passes Police Reform Bills, DEFANG DURKAN, Delayed Oscars



Well congratulations to my friends in the LGBT community!
Today's historic ruling is a natural bookend to Obergefell.
Very telling that it was a 6-3 ruling, it does appear that resistance from the right to full equality has collapsed.
There will be no going back.


The migration of jobs to the Eastside from Seattle-based companies continues apace.


Not even attempting to be funny, but I read "They've ruled. I've read the decision. And some people were surprised," and thought that he was acknowledging that people were surprised that he'd read something, And I certainly would have been surprised, maybe even a little impressed! Though I'd also be impressed to hear that he read anything more substantive than a Taco Bell menu on any given day.


There really isn’t a “cloud war”. AWS is kicking the shit out of the other two. Good they’re going to put the gnomes on the Eastside. Amazon has overrun Seattle enough.


Perhaps so in market share (so far) . Azure is easier to migrate apps to, more hybrid capabilities, and better Platform as a Service capabilities. AWS also creates galaxy of local files (ick).


It makes me giggle that some people still think that a job on the east side is a loss to Seattle (or vice-versa). The days of Bellevue being a “bedroom community” to Seattle ended in the 70’s. We’re one big metro area. Some people will prefer the lakes, others will prefer the sound. They’ll work wherever the situation is best for them.


@7 But there are no punk/alternative music clubs in the eastside. Some parts of the metro area have bigger sticks up their butts than others.


How to Spot Police Surveillance Tools

Popular Mechanics on the right side of history.. :>)


Can’t use OC pepper spray on individuals anymore? Good luck, the city just increased use of batons and firearms for suspect apprehensions.


pretty generous to assume glorianna has any friends at all


Lol @12 - no one gives a flying eff what you think Dangers goal was, she isn't even alive. And if your supposed stats are true, the only reason white people have fewer abortions is because they have better access to birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Well off white people hardly have any children these days.

And a slight correction to the statement in the great roundup: chokeholds were banned in the NYPDs rulebook that they ignore completely. It is not a law in NY, they're going to pass one soon supposedly.


*Sanger's - my phone refuses to quit correcting names