Funny how the twits at Twitter made me take off a mention of lemmings about what Trump will do with his own lemmings, but then several months later they only slap Trump on the wrist for his violence tinged and Covid Ignorant posts and for Jane to mention Trump's Lemmings. What a funny world this is.


"We are back now to worse than we were when I did the Blue-eye/Brown-eye exercise. Because at that time, the Civil Rights Movement had begun and was making good progress until it was sapped by the Women’s Movement, which was a white women’s movement. But we are worse off now because our so-called leader is so racist, so sexist, so anti-Semitic, so everything that’s wrong and he is leading people in exactly the wrong direction. "

Oh Good God -- how ridiculous. Holy shit, where to begin. OK, how about attitudes towards mixed marriage. In 1968 -- after it was legal in all fifty states (finally) -- only 20% of the country approved of mixed marriage. Twenty Fucking Percent. Last time they polled, it was 87%, and my guess some of the people who said they disproved either heard the question wrong, or were just fucking with the pollster. That is a dramatic change, and fundamental to every racial issue that we encounter. Citation:

Second, she says we have a racist, sexist, anti-Semitic president. Yeah, no shit. He is a cheap carbon copy of Nixon, and he is losing. Except unlike 1968, his racism, sexism and Antisemitism actually costs him votes. There are a very high percentage of voters who dislike everything about him except his economic policies or his opposition to abortion. In contrast, Nixon won by splitting the difference. Wallace got 46 electoral votes. That is more than every third party candidate since Teddy Is-That-My-Face-On-Mount-Rushmore Roosevelt. Wallace (for you kids who don't know your history) was the man that MLK referred to when he talked about "lips dripping with the words of 'interposition' and 'nullification'". Governor George Wallace was not only a racist, he ran as a fucking segregationist. And he got 46 electoral votes.

Jesus, no wonder your dad gets tired of being around you. Look, there is racism all around us. It is often subtle. It exists, and should be called out. But hyperbole doesn't help the situation one bit. It makes you sound like an out of date idiot with good intentions, but nothing relevant to say about the current situation. Yet I know that isn't true. Saying stupid shit -- the kind of shit one would say after a few too many beers -- is not wise, nor helpful.

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