Working the Night Shift at CHOP



What's the long term plan for CHAZ/CHOP..? I'm in full solidarity with the the symbolic victory and even more so would love to see real change in this country. Long term CHAZ/CHOP seems wholly unsustainable... a diversion of what's really at stake, true equality and respect for all humans.


BLM King County has issued a list of demands ( Presumably, if enough of these demands are met to satisfy demonstrators that the City is engaging in a good-faith effort to address the ongoing issues of equity for the BIPOC community, they may call for the occupation to end. That's just speculation on my part, but to say there's no end game would appear to dismiss BLMKC's very specific calls for redress.


This seems a little bit like a slanted 'puff piece', but since I have not been to the CHOP (it's an area that's not normally part of my routine travels, and I see no point in making an exception now), I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

That said, no one can deny the bad scene that happened earlier this week (?) when a mob of yahoos tore down the fencing surrounding an auto-detailing business in the area. I read someone tried to burgle the place and started a fire. I don't know the backstory as to why the mob was destroying the fence, but the whole thing looked ugly.

What is worrisome is that the CHOP has heavily-armed enforcers, led by a self-described "Warlord" providing 'security', in violation of the Mayor's 'no weapons' edict. Right-wing ammosexuals are bad enough, but now with left-wing equivalents like the John Brown Gun Club joining the mix, I worry that things might get out of control.

BLM and its legitimate complaints about disparate policing and lack of opportunities are being co-opted by the Radical Socialist agenda being pushed by firebrands like Kshama Sawant and Nikkita Oliver. If BLM cannot regain control of the narrative, they risk losing the support of the community.


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