Teresa Mosqueda Brings a New Payroll Tax Proposal to the Table



A payroll tax has never been and can never be a "progressive" tax. This might hard y'all to grasp, because you have the countries MOST REGRESSIVE tax system, a system the brutalizes your lowest wage workers. Examples or actually progressive taxes include inheritance taxes and INCOME TAXES!

Fucking INCOME TAXES! Just pay income taxes, you insufferable d-bags!



Make it so.

You can't have graduated payroll taxes here, due to the State Constitution. Move if you don't like it.


At least this tax on jobs is actually progressive, but I'm sure CM Sawant and her 'Amazon Tax' brigade will just continue to lie on that point anyway.


This is DOA....dead on arrival.

Go to the State legislature and do a state wide income tax.

No short cuts, no sneaky little side trails, no ploys.

Share the cost of society with all people using a graduated tax rate across the board.

Staple the state tax return on top of a copy of your federal tax return and fire everybody in the dept of revenue. We won't need them anymore...nor the B&O tax any more.

Full stop...end of story.


@4 You could keep your B&O tax and charge a high rate on landlords leases commercial spaces more than X sq/ft. That would raise revenue without taxing jobs. And instead of picking a fight with companies who can easily pack up and move to few miles out of Seattle (costing you people, energy, money, and innovation)...you could target businesses that produce little and whose valuable assets are bolted to the ground.

But that won't happen, because you have an unserious city run by performative idiots. And that's what you all deserve because you march on Starbucks instead of Olympia!




Bill Clinton used to talk about Smart Government. You might hate “The Man” and “Big Corporations” but this is stupid government. It is a tax on jobs a poorly designed tax that will hurt workers not the man. I’m sorry you can’t pass an income tax truly I am. But don’t be a baby about it by fucking over workers.