Right wing nut jobs are never going to cede any ground so there is no use trying to appease them with name changes or whatever. They are going to act like redneck scum no matter what the people on capitol hill do and soon new talking points will be deployed for them to attack the new name too. Never mind the fact a few years ago these same troglodytes were cheering on the Bundy Klan for their armed takeover over federal land.


Pine should be closed between Broadway and 12th. Permanently.


We need more bike/pedestrian only streets. This would be a great place to start.

Except for those hoverboards and solowheels. Those are scary, and when they spurt flames from their twin exhaust tubes scare small poodle dogs.


A permanent car free pedestrian anti racist arts zone. Capitol HIll Gentrification complete.


It's a cancer on the backs of the decent everyday working people of this town as well as the small business owners desperate to reopen and achieve some sort of normalcy again. Time to pack up the bongs, camp gear, hobo bundles, drug kits and six packs and make happy trails to some other spot, leaving the workers, artists, and productive people of Capitol Hill free to pursue their lives in peace.


This is surreal.

I wonder if this is how it will end:


Pike Place does perfectly well with limited traffic and a zillion tourists.
A pedestrian only zone next to Cal Anderson Park makes sense, and will have lots of foot traffic, including tourists.


What a joke. Would be really interesting to see how CHOP could sustain itself without any assistance from the city. Would all CHOPPERS be willing to pay 80% of their wealth towards taxes to maintain CHOP? How would they enforce tax collection? What if nobody wanted to pay? Right now the taxpayers of Seattle are supporting this. Cut off the money and the whole thing ends quickly, unless people put their money where their mouths are.

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