Hey, at least you dont have to worry about waiting in line?
Hey, at least you don't have to worry about waiting in line? Nathalie Graham

Well, it was a good run but it's curtains for Emerald City Comic Con's (ECCC) 2020 convention.

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Originally postponed in March until late this year, organizers for ECCC have reevaluated those plans and any plans that include con-goers attending ECCC in 2020. There won't be a physical convention this year, but ECCC will host a digital event this August, organizers announced on Tuesday.

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ECCC, Seattle's comic convention that drew 98,000 fans into the Washington State Convention Center during its 2019 run, was supposed to run during the second week of March this year. But during March, the COVID-19 death toll ticked up in the King County area, the U.S. hotspot for the virus at the time, the week before ECCC's scheduled event. ECCC eventually announced it would postpone the convention after exhibitors started bowing out due to safety and health concerns. There were 14 COVID-19 deaths in Washington at the time. There are now over 1,000.

With summer just around the corner and large gatherings still banned (especially large gatherings that are notorious for spreading sicknesses—look up "con crud"), ECCC has officially pulled the plug.

All tickets from the March 2020 event will be refunded. There will be a virtual ECCC in August, similar to what San Diego Comic Con, the biggest comic convention in the nation, will be doing in July.

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