Slog PM: CHOP's New Barricades, Another Proposed Payroll Tax, and a 51st State



"There's no way a vehicle could safely pass through this area during peak pedestrian traffic."

Of course there is when pedestrians follow the rules.


Does this mean that a person that occupies the zone is called a Chopper?...


In more positive news, the terrorists known as Proud Boys and American Guard had their Facebook groups taken down, based on the agitation they were engaging in here in Seattle.


Yeah, it's time for the earthquake.
In Statistics, you learn that random disasters don't sort themselves out; rather the shit tends to hit the fan in clusters of events.
At this point - what the hell?


If only Mar-a-Lunatic could become a bottomless quicksand abyss and Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey, Mooch McDumbbell, Babyface Kavanaugh ad nauseum fall irretrievably into it.....where are Wally Gator and crew when we NEED them?

@5 pat L: If Mount Rainier and / or Mount Baker blows, those of us in Western Washington and British Columbia, Canada are all toast. Seismologists, scientists, and meteorologists alike have told us in the PNW to get ready for The Big One. We're about 315 years overdue..Mount St. Helens' historic world-shaking blast 40 years ago was just a preview.


The people in the District of Columbia are pretty much unified in wanting statehood. The people in Puerto Rico are not. Many want statehood, many want independence. The rest of the country is more eager to see Puerto Rico become a state. Ideally both Puerto Rico and D. C. would become a state at the same time.